Recycled Plastic Packaging UK

Plastic reduction, especially in transit packaging, is a hot topic for many businesses. Packaging is an area where a surprising amount of excess plastic can be used. So with a greater focus on sustainability, recycled plastic packaging can play a key role in reducing plastic packaging usage as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Since the 1st April 2022, and the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax, emphasis on packaging made from recycled plastic has never been more important to businesses and their packaging operation. Recyclable plastic packaging materials are therefore becoming ever more important, and the go to choice for businesses across the UK.

Therefore, adapting packaging operations to incorporate recycled plastic packaging is key for businesses to not only meet and achieve their sustainability goals, but to eliminate their liability of the Plastic Packaging Tax.

The tax is applicable to all plastic packaging components that are either made in or imported into the UK. With this in mind, making a switch to products with the required minimum 30% recycled content is key – minimising the use of virgin plastic and using a more sustainable plastic packaging instead.

Making the move to sustainable plastic packaging

Whether you are already looking at recycled plastic packaging usage within your packaging operations (ahead of the introduction of the Plastics Tax), or looking at ways in which you can adapt to more eco-friendly plastic packaging, it can be hard to know where to start.

Lindum works with FMCG companies across the UK, as well as Europe to help them analyse their packaging operations and ultimately reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use. Finding more sustainable practices, as well as products is crucial for many businesses in order to find more eco-friendly plastic packaging options.

As well as working closely with businesses to reduce their plastic packaging usage, and minimise their carbon footprint, we also help to supply sustainable transit packaging options – such as pallet wrap, packaging tape and products to help improve pallet stability. By working with businesses to analyse their practices, and advise on improvements in processes and switch to better products, we can help meet your sustainability goals.

Eco-friendly plastic packaging

The UK government estimates that 5 million tonnes of plastic is used in the UK every year, nearly half of which is packaging. With this in mind, the emphasis on moving to more sustainable plastic packaging options is crucial for business operations and the environment – with recycled plastic packaging (UK in particular following the Plastic Packaging Tax) being critical for this.

There are plenty of options available to all businesses to move to more eco-friendly packaging products. The reduction in virgin material use and the introduction of recycled content within packaging materials are two key themes when it comes to eco-friendly packaging.

Here in the UK, recycled plastic packaging is at the forefront of packaging discussion. Although countless businesses are hitting sustainability goals already and innovating with recycled plastic within their packaging, the Plastic Packaging Tax is placing and even greater importance on recycled content products. For example, it’s not only helping to minimise the use of virgin material, but also a positive way of stimulating recycling technologies.

In order to meet the demand of the packaging market from April and provide products with minimum 30% recycled plastic content, Lindum have expanded our range of existing transit packaging items. Expert products with all the benefits of standard products, but made with recycled plastic.

Our range includes:

Carestretch Nano recycled Content – machine pallet wrap
Our 15 micron recycled content nano stretch film is made with 30% recycled content, and offers unrivalled performance and puncture resistance. The high-quality film can be stretched up to 200% meaning less wrap is needed per pallet – reducing your plastic usage even further.

Carewrap recycled content extended core hand pallet wrap
Made with 30% recycled content, this high-quality hand wrap has all the benefits of our standard films but is made with less virgin plastic – helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.

Caretape recycled content clear machine packaging tape
Our recycled content machine tape comes with all the benefits of our existing Caretape range, but with the added sustainability benefit of 30% recycled content. This tape comes in rolls of 48mm width and 990m length.

Caretape recycled content clear hand tape
This recycled content hand tape comes with all the benefits of our existing Caretape range, but with the added sustainability benefit of 30% recycled content. The tape comes in rolls of 48mm width and 150m length.

Recycled content polythene pallet top sheet
For those that require further protection, our pallet top sheet made with 30% recycled content can not only help protect your goods, but reduce your virgin plastic use and help towards your sustainability goals too.

Being transit packaging experts, we want to help you with your sustainability goals and recycled plastic packaging. Therefore in addition to the above, we can go a little bit further and supply recycled plastic packaging products tailored to your specific packaging requirements. Recycled plastic packaging (UK & across Europe) will become ever popular, and we are here to help make that transition to address any sustainability goals you may have.

If you want to discuss recycled plastic packaging with us, or order a sample, then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

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