The pain

We were approached by this packaging manufacturer to review their pallet wrap usage. They were concerned with the cost of their tertiary packaging and their high plastic usage.

Identifying the problem

During a site audit, we noted that they were wrapping a lightweight and stable product with a heavy, 23-micron stretch film at a very low pre-stretch of 170%.

Identifying the solution

We introduced the client to a high-performance nano stretch film and demonstrated how film performance could be significantly improved by adjusting the machine settings to increase prestretch to 230%.

  • 50.0% cost saving.

Implementing the solution

Successful trials proved that by implementing a thinner, high performance nano stretch film we were able to make significant material and cost savings without any negative impact to load stability.

The outcome

The nano stretch film allowed for a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped from £0.81 to £0.41. Annual stretch film consumption dropped by 64%, a saving of over 18 tonnes of plastic per year.

Lindum proved their competence and delivered the plastic savings we were looking for.”

Production Manager

Ongoing support

This project was considered a success by the client, and we remain on hand to support with future projects.

Enjoy the journey

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