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Optimisation is a key step towards maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging processes. In addition to generating significant cost and plastic reductions, it will help you to achieve pallet stability and remove the risk of movement during transit.

Are you getting the most out of your packaging?

Using the wrong film for your requirements or not stretching it to its optimum could be costing you thousands each year. Through working with a client to optimise their packaging processes we were able to help them achieve a 27% cost savings and reduce their plastic usage by 53%. Our audit will help you to uncover these improvements and give you the knowledge to get the most out of your transit packaging.

How will optimisation improve pallet stability?

The consequences of using the wrong film for your requirements or not stretching your film correctly can be catastrophic for pallet stability. We will be able to identify any risks during an audit and help you to remove them before it becomes an issue in your supply chain. You can find out more about how optimisation impacts pallet stability in our blog.

Our Process

How we optimise your transit packaging performance

By analysing your packaging materials, equipment and processes we will be able to identify ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging operations, reduce costs, reduce plastic waste and minimise risk.

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Choosing the right
stretch film

Choosing and implementing the right stretch film is very important and getting the wrong product will have significant consequences. We will highlight any inefficiencies caused by using a wrongly suited product and recommend an option that will give you the greatest return and stability.

Comprehensive testing

Through comprehensive stability testing we can ensure your pallets are secure and prevent movement in transport further down the line in your supply chain.

Optimising machine settings

To maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your transit packaging, it is essential that your machinery it set up correctly. Not stretching your stretch film to its optimum will be a huge unnecessary cost and increase the risk of movement in transit. We will be able to advise.

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Uncover hidden efficiencies in your packaging operations to improve pallet stability, reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary waste

Customer Success Story

Metal Packaging Manufacturer

  • 64 %

    reduction in stretch film consumption

We helped save packaging manuafacturer of over 18 tonnes of plastic per year. The nano stretch film allowed for a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped from £0.81 to £0.41.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Drink And Brewing Company

  • 80 %

    reduction in movement transport

We helped a multinational drinks and brewing company reduce movement in transport occurences by 80%
Multinational Drink And Brewing Company | Lindum Packaging

Customer Success Story

Vegan Food Manufacturer

  • 71.2 %

    reduction in plastic

By switching to a pre-stretched hand pallet wrap, the customer was able to reduce the amount of film used to wrap each pallet from 375g to 108g on average.
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Could you improve packaging efficacies to save costs and reduce waste?

Common Packaging Problems

One of the first areas we address in our fee transit packaging audit is the configuration of goods on a pallet. Our experts can nearly always find a more effective or cost efficient stack plan. Making a simple stacking change for this global paint manface added an extra layer of products to the pallet. Delivering 60 paint tubs on a pallet instead of 48, generated a transport and efficiency gain of over £1 million per year.

The problem with poor quality wrap

IN an attempt to reduce costs its tempting to use a cheaper pallet wrap. The assumption being that using more of an inferior product that costs less is still saving money. Unfortunately addition layers of poor quality film will never be as stable as using the optimal amount of a high performance film. Even if the initial cost per reel is higher, the yield is also higher, enabling you to wrap more pallets per roll and making the cost per pallet cheaper. Talk to one of our specialists to find out how much you could save with a better quality wrap.

The problem with the wrong wrap

Too thick, too thin, too much stretch, not enough stretch. Using the wrong film to for the types of pallet loads you are wrapping will impact pallet stability. We can help you find the right film based on the size, weight and types of goods and more often than not the switch will also save you money and reduce plastic waste.

The problem with outdated packaging processes

Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s the most effective or efficient way. With deceased of knowledge and expertise on the latest packaging innovations we can identify simple process improvements that will reduce costs or create operational savings. Before you make any changes to your packaging you can test them in our Innovation Centre with a packaging trial so you can be confident in the results.

The problem with machine settings

Incorrect machine settings is just as bad as using the wrong wrap. If your machines aren’t optimised to apply the right amount of stretch, pallet stability will be weakened. Inefficient wrapping speeds waste time and money and can cause snaping and tearing of the film leading to operational downtime. Our experts will optimise your machine settings free of charge as part of your packaging audit.

The problem with unstable pallets

To the untrained eye your pallets might look well wrapped and secure. But will they remain stable during transport? The unpredictability of road consisting an driver behaviour can cause movement and slippage of goods on the pallet resulting in crushed or damaged products that could have been prevented.

Scientifically accurate data from pallet stability testing in our mobile lab will give you certainty that your goods will remain secure until they reach their destination.

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In a world where material costs are only going to rise and tax liabilities increase now is the time to assess your packaging operations. Start implementing changes that will save you money now and as you grow. Continuing with inefficient processes could you prevent you from scaling and increasing your production capacity. Indirect costs of poor packaging can negatively impact the bottom line and goods damaged in transit not only incur additional costs, they can also damage your reputation, retailer relationships, risk employee safety and even cost lives.

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Our testimonials

  • 56 %

    Cost saving

“In an industry that is really competitive, achieving marginal gains throughout our business can make a big difference.  The support Lindum have provided has benefited our people, our business and also the environment. I don’t think anyone can ask for more than that.”
- Karro Food Group
  • 65 %

    Cost saving

“It was not necessary to make a full business calculation of the pay-back period. The ‘offsite’ waste reduction of 66% alone convinced the senior management …Thanks to the Caregrip™ anti-slip paper, the stacked products remain on the pallet and the downtime is reduced. In fact, there have been no stoppages caused by dropped products since the shift to PAL-Cut and Caregrip™ sheets. A welcome side-effect is the near elimination of fork-lift trucks in the packaging zone and that has been a wish for many years.”
- ‘Offsite’ waste reduction
  • 52435 kg

    Reduction in packaging waste

“In an industry that is really competitive, achieving marginal gains throughout our business can make a big difference.  The support Lindum have provided has benefited our people, our business and also the environment. I don’t think anyone can ask for more than that.”
- Faccenda Foods