Ensure a reliable supply of UK manufactured, high-quality pallet hand wrap for all your locations.

Ensuring reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable pallet wrap for retailers.

We provide UK-manufactured pallet hand wrap designed to meet the demands of supermarket chains, clothing stores, and any retail operation with extensive distribution needs across multiple locations.

Enhance pallet stability with high-quality materials

Incorrectly matched packaging materials can lead to significant losses. Utilising the right type of stretch film is vital for protecting diverse product pallets, especially those with sharp corners that require stronger, thicker films. Our hand pallet wraps ensure consistent quality and supply reliability, preventing issues commonly associated with inferior products such as snapping during application.

How we

ensure a reliable pallet wrap supply and pallet stability for retailers

We begin by examining your packaging practices, focusing on your hand wrap usage and the processes employed by your staff. Our expert team identifies opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of your wrapping and improve overall operational efficiency, aiming to cut costs and reduce waste in your packaging operations.

Packaging formulation | Lindum Packaging

UK-manufactured pallet wrap

Our pallet wrap is manufactured exclusively in the UK, providing a reliable supply chain to retail businesses nationwide. By overseeing the production process locally, we ensure each batch meets our high-quality standards. This close proximity manufacturing allows us to respond swiftly to your needs, minimising the risk of running out of stock and ensuring that your operations are never delayed due to a lack of essential packaging materials.

Production | Lindum Packaging

Choosing the right tools

Selecting the right tools for hand wrapping in a retail setting not only boosts productivity but also protects your employees from strain and injury. Our newly designed hand pallet wrap dispenser, constructed from durable full metal and featuring a unique two-handle design, offers a practical and robust solution. This ergonomic tool reduces physical stress on operators, allowing for more consistent and secure wrapping.

Choosing the right film

Using the wrong type of film can lead to using up to four times more material than necessary, significantly increasing costs and environmental impact. Our films are designed to provide optimal performance with various types of loads, ensuring that your products are securely wrapped with minimal waste.

Key packaging issues we help prevent

Mixed Load | Lindum Packaging

Mixed loads

Retail pallets frequently transport a mixture of products, which can lead to potential damage if the loads are not adequately secured. Variations in product size and shape, especially when sharp edges are involved, pose a significant challenge in maintaining the integrity of the load through transit.

Setup of supply | Lindum Packaging

Unreliable supply

For retail chains, a consistent and reliable supply of packaging materials is essential. With distribution centres and multiple store locations throughout the UK, having access to a dependable source of pallet wrap that meets required specifications is vital.

Roll | Lindum Packaging

Discrepancy in roll length

Retail operations rely on consistent roll lengths to manage packaging efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Discrepancies in the length of pallet wrap rolls can complicate inventory planning and increase operational costs, as shorter-than-expected rolls necessitate frequent reordering and can disrupt the packaging process.

Cost | Lindum Packaging

Low-quality packaging

Low-cost packaging solutions may seem attractive but can lead to significant issues such as film inconsistency and susceptibility to snapping. These problems not only increase immediate costs due to product waste and the need for repackaging but can also cause longer-term financial impacts due to damaged goods and the necessity for reshipping.

Protect your goods in transit with our

High Performance Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions that save you money, reduce your plastic waste and minimise environmental impact

Eliminate movement in transport with

Scientifically Proven Pallet Stability

Don’t leave it to chance, ensure your pallet loads are secured for optimal security with pallet stability testing.

Step-by-step process of how we help our customers

How we work

Pallet stability testing in a warehouse setting to ensure load security | Lindum Packaging

Our collaboration begins with a discovery meeting, during which we discuss your specific needs, explore your goals, and examine the issues you are currently facing.

Packaging audit: We conduct a detailed packaging audit by visiting your site to assess your current packaging processes and products. During this phase, we identify any disruptions, such as loads falling or shifting, which can significantly impact your operations. We then develop solutions tailored to address these challenges.

Packaging formulation: If the problem is particularly complex, or if you are concerned about the audit disrupting your production, we can bring your pallets to our innovation centre for testing.

Following the audit, we reconvene with you to present our findings. We outline the current state of your packaging processes and propose detailed solutions, including changes in products, equipment adjustments, and stacking strategies.

To validate our proposed solutions, we conduct proof of concept trials. These involve using our test lab to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solutions on a smaller scale, ensuring they work as expected before full implementation.

Once the proposed solutions are approved, we establish the supply setup.

With everything set, we initiate production trials, where we closely monitor and support you in implementing the new products and processes. This ensures that everything functions correctly and allows for swift adjustments if needed.

Our commitment to your packaging efficiency does not end with the initial setup. We continue to support your operations through scheduled site audits and regular check-ups. Our account managers and engineering team remain actively involved, ensuring that any machine or technical issues are promptly addressed.

Customer Success Story

Metal Packaging Manufacturer

  • 64 %

    reduction in stretch film consumption

We helped save packaging manuafacturer of over 18 tonnes of plastic per year. The nano stretch film allowed for a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped from £0.81 to £0.41.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Drink And Brewing Company

  • 80 %

    reduction in movement transport

We helped a multinational drinks and brewing company reduce movement in transport occurences by 80%
Multinational Drink And Brewing Company | Lindum Packaging

Customer Success Story

Vegan Food Manufacturer

  • 71.2 %

    reduction in plastic

By switching to a pre-stretched hand pallet wrap, the customer was able to reduce the amount of film used to wrap each pallet from 375g to 108g on average.
Reliable transit packaging solutions for safe delivery | Lindum Packaging