The pain

The brewer experienced a sharp spike in movement in transport occurrences which caused significant and costly issues across their distribution network.

Identifying the problem

The client had recently replaced the shrink film holding packs together with a cardboard sleeve. Using our pallet stability test lab, we identified how these changes had impacted load integrity.

Identifying the solution

We developed a packaging format which used an alternative stack pattern and a unique stiff stretch film to increase pallet stability, verifying the improvement using our pallet stability test lab.

  • 80% reduction in movement in transport occurrences

Implementing the solution

It was important to the customer that any changes did not disrupt production. We worked closely with the factory team to implement our solution without any operational noise or downtime.

The outcome

After our solution was implemented, the brewer reported an 80% reduction in movement in transport occurences. This was achieved without any significant increase in plastic usage or any capital expenditure.

Lindum have made improvements to the way we do things with our pallets and put some quick wins in the board.  As a result, it has saved us money because we are not paying for damages and extra loads.

Packaging Development Specialist

Ongoing support

We continue to work closely with the client, carrying out regular pallet stability testing to ensure the problem does not arise again and supporting them with other packaging projects.

Enjoy the journey

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