Save money by improving pallet stability

You might not think that improving pallet stability is a key concern for your business, but unstable pallets can actually be a costly issue.

Whether stored in your factory or in transit, pallets that aren’t stacked and packed securely can have a significant impact on your production and profitability, through:

  • Interrupted production processes
  • Damaged and rejected goods
  • Time spent repacking items
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Health and safety risks

If these issues seem to keep cropping up in your packaging operation, you need to get to the heart of the problem. While many businesses opt for the temporary fix of overusing packaging products to provide more stability, the only way to prevent these unnecessary costs is to conduct a thorough analysis so you can implement effective solutions.

Solving the problem of pallet instability

Here at Lindum Packaging, our experts have spent many years researching and developing a range of products and solutions to ensure pallet stability and reduce packaging costs for business across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Utilising our unique survey method, and mobile test facility, we provide expert consultations that will identify areas for improvement and guide you towards the most effective, cost-saving products.

Not only do we promise to deliver outstanding pallet stability, but our figures speak for themselves:

  • 27% in average customer cost savings per year
  • Over 200 case studies that demonstrate our value-adding stability solutions

How do we do it?

Packaging consultancy audits – find out what our consultation services cover and how you can improve packaging performance whilst saving you money.

Mobile pallet stability test lab – the only state-of-the-art truck of its kind in the UK, we can visit your site and test your current stability and show you how to improve it.

Packaging products – we offer a range of high-quality packaging products to help you cut costs and improve your pallet stability:

For more information about our packaging products or to discuss how we can improve your pallet stability and reduce costs, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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