Discover how to reduce your plastic packaging waste by up to 59%

With companies globally focused on improving the sustainability of their packaging operations, our aim is to help you reduce your plastic packaging waste through optimising your transit packaging processes.

Eliminate Unnecessary Packaging Waste

2.5 million tons of plastic packaging waste is generated every year. Lindum estimate that 1 million tons of waste could be saved across the supply chain by eliminating unnecessary transit packaging. All manufacturers want stable pallets and secure goods during transport. But one of the most common misconceptions is that more wrap equals more stability. Overwrapping pallets is actually counterproductive to pallet stability, costs more money and creates unnecessary waste.

Our Process

How we reduce your packaging waste

By analysing your packaging material usage, machines and processes our expert team will identify ways to reduce packaging waste. This is done by improving the efficiency of your packaging operations and reducing costs with sustainable packaging solutions.

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Transit Packaging

By assessing your packaging usage and processes we can identify opportunities for savings and advise on improvements across your packaging operations.

stabilized pallet with stretch wrap for secure transportation | Lindum Packaging


Optimisation has the potential to make you significant savings and we are equipped with the knowledge and the expertise to help you ensure you are getting the best results from your packaging.

Pallet Stability

By removing the risk of movement in transport, we will prevent unnecessary use of plastic and unnecessary CO2 emissions as a result of repacking and reshipping pallets rejected by your customers due to damage.

Customer Success Story

Metal Packaging Manufacturer

  • 64 %

    reduction in stretch film consumption

We helped save packaging manuafacturer of over 18 tonnes of plastic per year. The nano stretch film allowed for a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped from £0.81 to £0.41.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Drink And Brewing Company

  • 80 %

    reduction in movement transport

We helped a multinational drinks and brewing company reduce movement in transport occurences by 80%
Multinational Drink And Brewing Company | Lindum Packaging

Customer Success Story

Vegan Food Manufacturer

  • 71.2 %

    reduction in plastic

By switching to a pre-stretched hand pallet wrap, the customer was able to reduce the amount of film used to wrap each pallet from 375g to 108g on average.
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