Polythene Packaging

Protect your palletised goods in storage and transit with recycled polythene packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging made from 30% recycled content

Reduce the risk of damage by protecting goods from dust and variable weather conditions with durable polythene pallet packaging.

How to

choose the right polythene packaging

Available in clear materials for easy product visibility and identification, Lindum’s protective packaging will also help you meet your CSR goals with packaging made from 30% recycled content.

Top sheet

Protect your pallet from rainwater and dust to prevent product damage.

Pallet Hood

Waterproofs your pallet to minimise the risk of water damage.

Shrink Film

Durable solution to hold your goods together and protect them from water and dust.

Polythene packaging with no liability for Plastic Packaging Tax

Explore our range of polythene packaging

Pallet Wrap
Protect your goods in storage and during transport with high performance hand and machine stretch film.
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Pallet Wrapping Machines
Market leading pallet wrappers for maximum efficiency
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Pallet Stabilisation Products
Keep cartons securely sealed in storage and transit
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Polythene Packaging
Keep cartons securely sealed in storage and transit
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Packaging Tape
Keep cartons securely sealed in storage and transit
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Protect your goods in transit with our

High Performance Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions that save you money, reduce your plastic waste and minimise environmental impact

Eliminate movement in transport with

Scientifically Proven Pallet Stability

Don’t leave it to chance, ensure your pallet loads are secured for optimal security with pallet stability testing.

Customer Success Story

Reducing costs and achieving CSR goals for a global pharmaceutical brand

  • 53.4 %

    reduction in plastic

A global pharmaceutical company reached out to Lindum to address some critical corporate goals. With a high value pharmaceutical product going through their high-speed wrapping machines they needed to reduce costs, cut CO2 to meet their CSR goals whilst ensuring efficiency continued across their packaging operations. The results and long term impact was huge.

Customer Success Story

Helping a global paint brand solve the problem of damaged goods in transit

  • £1 million

    per year saving

A global paint manufacturer sought our help when they wanted to get to the bottom of the reason so many of their products were being damaged in transit. Through pallet stability testing, we helped to achieve some impressive results.

Customer Success Story

Helping a petcare brand to combat rising packaging costs & meet CSR plastic reduction goals

  • 34 %

    reduction in carbon

The pet care division of a global brand got in touch to see if we could assist with their packaging operations. They wanted us to work with them to achieve one of their CSR goals of reducing plastic usage and therefore reducing plastic waste.

Could you benefit from a

Packaging Audit?

Uncover hidden efficiencies and cost savings in your packaging operations

  • Up to 66% cost saving
  • Up to 83% plastic saving
  • Up to 83% CO2 reduction
  • Up to 80% reduction in movement in transport occurrences

Our experts will work with you to assess all of your packaging materials, processes and equipment to highlight opportunities to reduce plastic packaging and save money.

Request a quote or get help with your transit packaging requirements

Don’t know which protective packaging to choose? Our packaging technologists are here to help.

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