Polythene packaging products & polythene bags

Lindum Packaging’s range of polythene packaging products – including polythene bags, complements our extensive range of innovative transit packaging products. We work closely with FMCG companies across the UK and Europe to supply a wide range of transit packaging and polythene packaging products to both safely and securely store and move your goods in transit.

The polythene packaging products and materials that Lindum stock include clear polythene bags and polythene covers, are the perfect solution for ensuring your goods are protected when in storage and transit; stocking the highest quality polythene packaging on the market.

Our polythene packaging range comprises of a range of items, including polythene bags, all designed to cater for different parts of your packaging operations. From resealable grip seal bags, to lay flat tubing and pallet hood covers to food grade liners and clear polythene bags, our products are available in a range of different sizes and colours; we will have the right polythene packaging products to suit the needs of your specific business and packaging requirements.

Polythene products are ideal for protecting your goods against moisture and dust, and with ease of storage and the versatility of polythene, they are ideal to use within your companies’ packaging operations.

Our polythene packaging products

We stock a wide range of polythene goods, with our range complementing our extensive range of other transit packaging products – such as pallet wrap and packaging tape.
Grip seal bags – Resealable bags, that protect your goods from the external environment. Can be used across multiple applications and for storing a wide range of goods.

Food grade liners – Our food grade polythene liners are manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry. Our range of liners come in a variety of sizes and colours, including blue, purple and red.

Heat shrink film – Polythene, high strength heat shrink film for protecting your goods and pallets. Our high-strength heat shrink film provides excellent protection for heavy duty goods; keeping items clean and secure.

Pallet top sheets – complementing our range of pallet wrap and pallet stability products, our pallet top sheets provide an extra level of protection for your palletised loads. The top sheets provide a layer of protection for the top of your pallet against environmental factors, such as dust and moisture.

Take a look at our polythene packaging products below, and get in touch if you want to discuss your packaging requirements or request a sample.

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