A fresh take on transit packaging

As a UK based expert B2B packaging supplier, working predominantly within the FMCG sector, our holistic and innovative approach to packaging is simple – we are here to help you improve your business’ packaging operations.

Whether it is movement in transport issues that are affecting you, you need to use higher quality packaging products to improve your packaging operations, or you have sustainable packaging targets that need to be achieved, we can help. Lindum Packaging works closely with businesses throughout Europe and the UK to ensure packaging supplies are high quality, and not causing unnecessary or costly issues, and your overall packaging operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Most businesses we work with often know there is a problem within their packaging operations, but can’t get to the bottom of what the root cause is. That’s where we step in. From analysing your packaging processes, carrying out a packaging audit, testing your pallet stability, to replacing poorly performing packaging supplies with newer, stronger and more environmentally-friendly alternatives, we can identify and implement improvements that will make a big difference to your operations, transit packaging performance, sustainability targets and your bottom line

The benefits that we can bring to you are simple – we will save you money, reduce your plastic packaging waste, reduce your CO2 and improve your packaging performance. And we will prove it.

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High performance packaging products

While our unique packaging consultancy service is designed to look at your packaging processes and help improve your business’s overall operations, we’re also continually working on the development of the highest quality packaging products.


Your packaging operations are an integral and essential part of your business but if you’ve not assessed your products in a while, then you could be draining resources through unoptimized, poor quality packaging, without even realising. As a UK based packaging supplier, with over two decades of packaging experience, we understand the importance of using the right products, materials and supplies, and the huge benefits that this can bring to your business.


Lindum Packaging stocks an extensive range of packaging products, catering for all of your packaging needs. From pallet wrap and stretch film to packaging tape, for both hand and machine application, as well as cardboard and pallet stability products, we have the right packaging supplies to ensure efficient packaging operations.

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