Packed with innovation for safe, secure loads.

Improving pallet stability with proven transit packaging solutions

Discover our range of transit packaging products to keep your pallet loads safe and secure

Pallet Wrap
Protect your goods in storage and during transport with high performance hand and machine stretch film.
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Pallet Wrapping Machines
Market leading pallet wrappers for maximum efficiency
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Pallet Stabilisation Products
Keep cartons securely sealed in storage and transit
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Polythene Packaging
Keep cartons securely sealed in storage and transit
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Packaging Tape
Keep cartons securely sealed in storage and transit
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Protect your goods in transit with our

High Performance Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions that save you money, reduce your plastic waste and minimise environmental impact

Eliminate movement in transport with

Scientifically Proven Pallet Stability

Don’t leave it to chance, ensure your pallet loads are secured for optimal security with pallet stability testing.

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How much money could you save with the right pallet wrap?


We are proud to have been shortlisted in the UK Packaging Awards 2023!

We are proud to announce we have been shortlisted in this year’s UK Packaging Awards. The UK Packaging Awards are […]


Carestretch film range


Findings from a study on the g-forces of a pallet road journey



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Speak to an expert about transit packaging supplies to improve your packaging operations

As a UK based expert B2B packaging supplier, working predominantly within the FMCG sector, our holistic and innovative approach to packaging is simple – we are here to help you improve your business’ packaging operations.

Whether it is movement in transport issues that are affecting you, you need to use higher quality packaging products to improve your packaging operations, or you have sustainable packaging targets that need to be achieved, we can help. Lindum Packaging works closely with businesses throughout Europe and the UK to ensure packaging supplies are high quality, and not causing unnecessary or costly issues, and your overall packaging operations are running smoothly and efficiently.