Why use a dispenser?

A hand pallet wrap dispenser enables the consistent application of pallet wrap by providing a consistent unwind tension. This gives you greater control over material consumption and pallet stability.

Minimise cost per pallet

Reduce plastic waste

Ensure pallet stability

The dispenser

Built to last, all-steel construction – simple, sturdy and robust.

Easy tension adjustment and quick reload

Unique, double handled design promotes correct posture and prevents operator strain.

Reduces risk of tripping by allowing the operator to walk forwards whilst wrapping.

Ensure consistently wrapped pallets with easy tension adjustment.

Lightweight – weighs in at 1.5kg

What are the benefits?

Cost reduction through a transit packaging audit for budget optimization | Lindum Packaging


We understand the demanding conditions that a dispenser encounters in a warehouse and have prioritised durability during the development of our dispenser. We are confident enough in the all steel construction and simplicity of our dispenser to offer a 25-year warranty

CO2 reduction through transit packaging audit for environmental benefits | Lindum Packaging

Ergonomic design

Traditional wrapping methods pose health and safety risks, including back strain, friction burns and tripping. Our dispenser has not only been designed to solve these problems but also address the pitfalls of the current dispensers on the market. The ergonomic, double handled design of our dispenser promotes correct posture and removes strain on the rotator cuff caused by single handled dispenser designs.