Pallet Wrap and Stretch Film for Securely Wrapped Pallets

Securely wrapped pallets with the right stretch film not only reduces the risk of goods damaged in transit, it also saves you money, minimises waste and reduces your environmental impact.

Choosing the right film for the type of load you are wrapping is crucial for pallet stability. Using the right wrap also means using the right amount. Overwrapping pallets is one of the primary causes of pallet instability. The assumption is that using more film equates to a better wrapped pallet, but this isn’t the case, especially if the stretch tension is too weak for the pallet you are wrapping.  That’s why our range comes in a variety of thicknesses and stretch capabilities to secure even the heaviest, most irregular loads with less wrap.

As a leading pallet wrap supplier in the UK and Europe all our films come with guaranteed roll lengths and superior puncture resistance. We pride ourselves on longer reel lengths, greater stretch capabilities and multiple-layered durability to deliver optimum packaging performance and pallet stability. Available in hand wrap and machine wrap, Lindum offers pre-stretched film for uniform tension, stretch on application for flexible load types, nano technology for superior performance at high wrapping speeds and 30% recycled content wrap to help you reach your sustainability goals without compromising on performance or load security.

Choose Your Stretch Film Wrap

Pallet wrapping film, pallet wrap & stretch film for superior pallet packaging

Our high-quality pallet wrap & stretch films are crucial products for pallet packaging, and are key to ensuring the stability of pallet loads during storage and transit. As a pallet wrap supplier, we have an extensive range of pallet wrapping and other products to suit all packaging operations. Our Carewrap™ and Carestretch™ ranges provide you with a wide range of benefits, whether you are looking to wrap your pallet by hand or machine. The variety of products incorporates power stretch film, pre-stretched film, as well as nano technology, bio- based and recycled content film options for your pallet packaging.

The benefits of our pallet packaging products

With greater stretch capabilities, longer reel lengths, superior puncture resistance, guaranteed roll lengths and multiple-layered durability, our stretch and pallet wrap films will make a huge impact on your packaging operations and your plastic usage
We have over two decades’ experience in working with companies and getting the best out of their pallet wrap. One key benefit we bring is the expertise and guidance in ensuring you are using the right pallet wrapping film for your specific packaging operations. In doing so, not only can we save you money, reduce your plastic packaging waste and CO2 footprint, but make a significant impact on your pallet stability too. Pallet stability can have a big impact on your business – instable pallets can not only have a financial impact, but a human and environmental one too. Choosing the right products for your pallet wrapping is something we can help you with. Get in touch with us today.

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