Pallet Wrap

Protect your goods in storage and during transport with high performance hand and machine pallet wrap.

Securely wrapped pallets reduces the risk of goods damaged in transit

Using the right stretch film not only protects your products it also saves you money, minimises waste and reduces your environmental impact.

How to

choose the
right pallet wrap

Choosing the right film and the optimal amount for the type of load you are wrapping is crucial for pallet stability. Overwrapping pallets is one of the primary causes of pallet instability, especially if the stretch tension is too weak for the pallet load. That’s why our range comes in a variety of thicknesses and stretch capabilities to secure even the heaviest, most irregular loads with less wrap.

Advanced nano technology stretch film for efficient packaging | Lindum Packaging


With 33 layer nano technology, Carestretch Nano is lightweight film offering exceptional strength and durability. A high performing, suitable film with unrivalled stretch significantly reduces the amount of film used per pallet.

Eco-friendly recycled content pallet wrap for sustainable use | Lindum Packaging

30% Recycled

All of our stretch films are 100% recyclable and on top of this, the majority of our films contain 30% recycled content. This provides an environmentally friendly solution which removes the Plastic Packaging Tax liability without you having to risk a reduction in performance.

Durable pallet wrap film securing cargo during transit | Lindum Packaging

Roll Lengths

More metres of film per roll means less roll changeovers & downtime and less cardboard waste. With lightweight cores and guaranteed roll lengths you get exactly what you pay for with Lindum, enabling you to budget with certainty.

Sustainable, economical stretch film to save money, minimise plastic wate and improve pallet stability

Discover our range of high performance hand and machine pallet wrap

Pallet Wrap
Protect your goods in storage and during transport with high performance hand and machine stretch film.
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Packaging Machinery
Market leading pallet wrappers for maximum efficiency
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Pallet Stabilisation Products
Reduce the risk of movement during transit and the associated costs by improving pallet stability.
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Protect your goods in transit with our

High Performance Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions that save you money, reduce your plastic waste and minimise environmental impact

Strong packaging tape ensuring box integrity | Lindum Packaging

Eliminate movement in transport with

Scientifically Proven Pallet Stability

Don’t leave it to chance, ensure your pallet loads are secured for optimal security with pallet stability testing.

Industrial pallet wrapping for secure shipment | Lindum Packaging

Customer Success Story

Metal Packaging Manufacturer

  • 64 %

    reduction in stretch film consumption

We helped save packaging manuafacturer of over 18 tonnes of plastic per year. The nano stretch film allowed for a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped from £0.81 to £0.41.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Drink And Brewing Company

  • 80 %

    reduction in movement transport

We helped a multinational drinks and brewing company reduce movement in transport occurences by 80%
Multinational Drink And Brewing Company | Lindum Packaging

Customer Success Story

Vegan Food Manufacturer

  • 71.2 %

    reduction in plastic

By switching to a pre-stretched hand pallet wrap, the customer was able to reduce the amount of film used to wrap each pallet from 375g to 108g on average.
Reliable transit packaging solutions for safe delivery | Lindum Packaging

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    Uncover hidden efficiencies and cost savings in your packaging operations

    • Up to 66% cost saving
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    • Up to 83% CO2 reduction
    • Up to 80% reduction in movement in transport occurrences
    Efficient transit packaging solutions for logistics | Lindum Packaging

    Our experts will work with you to assess all of your packaging materials, processes and equipment to highlight opportunities to reduce plastic packaging and save money.

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