Ensuring pallet safety in transit with robust wrapping and handling measures | Lindum Packaging

Improve Pallet Stability

How secure are your pallets? Take our quick quiz to discover your pallet stability score

Conducting a transit packaging audit to ensure regulatory compliance | Lindum Packaging

Transit Packaging Audit

Uncover inefficiencies and learn how you can improve your packaging processes to make savings and improve pallet stability.

Innovative strategies focused on reducing packaging costs effectively | Lindum Packaging

Reduce Packaging Costs

By optimising your processes, we can help you to reduce your packaging costs.

Initiatives to reduce plastic packaging and promote environmental care | Lindum Packaging

Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste

Through correct implementation and optimisation, improve the efficiency of your packaging processes.

Advanced pallet wrapping equipment for quick and secure product bundling | Lindum Packaging

Innovation Centre

Our centre for transit packaging formulation and testing.

Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab

Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab

The worlds first ISO accredited pallet stability testing facility.

Kontrol 4.0

An IoT monitoring device which can be retrofitted to any pallet wrapping machine.

Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser

A hand pallet wrap dispenser enables the consistent application of pallet wrap by providing a consistent unwind tension.