The pain

The client realised they were using far more plastic to wrap each pallet than other sites in their group but were unsure of how to reduce their consumption.

Identifying the problem

We identified that that reason behind the excessive plastic consumption was that the customer was using an outdated type of film, a non-prestretched hand pallet wrap.

Identifying the solution

It was important to the customer that load stability was maintained. We successfully trialled a pre-stretched hand film which not only reduced their packaging consumption but maintained a consistent holding force.

  • 71.2% plastic reduction
  • 35.0% cost saving

Implementing the solution

The clients concern during implementation was that the operators were happy with any proposed change. We achieved this by demonstrating the ease-of-use benefits of using a pre-stretched film.

The outcome

By switching to a pre-stretched hand pallet wrap, the customer was able to reduce the amount of film used to wrap each pallet from 375g to 108g on average.

Lindum have been a key partner in helping us to reduce our plastic packaging usage. Their knowledge has been invaluable, and their service is consistent and reliable.

Senior Packaging Technologist

Ongoing support

We maintain an ongoing relationship with this client. We continue routine audits to ensure that their packaging operations are running efficiently and that the cost and plastic savings are preserved.

Enjoy the journey

Providing solutions

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