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Pallet wrap stretch film

Pallet stretch wrap, or stretch film, is a versatile product that is used by business-to-business companies for the transport of their goods. Using pallet stretch wrap ensures goods move through the supply chain clean, protected and free from damage.

Lindum has over two decades’ experience in the packaging sector, working with FMCG companies across the UK and Europe. Our range of pallet wrap products is extensive, and includes films for hand application, machine application, power stretch film, pre-stretched film, nano technology, bio-based and recycled content films. We have the right pallet wrap or stretch film to suit your packaging operations.

The benefits of Lindum’s pallet wrap film

Our stretch film products offer a wide range of benefits, allowing stretch film wrapping within your packaging operations to be as efficient as possible. Lindum is a market leader in the supply of pallet stretch wrap, and our wide range stretch wrap is innovative, caters for different packaging operations and brings a wide range of benefits.

With a wide range of stretching film and stretch wrap to suit your requirements, we ensure our pallet wrap film will improve your pallet stability – leading to less damaged goods in transit, and helping to eliminate the hidden costs of movement in transport issues that are caused by pallet instability.

Pallet wrap stretch film from Lindum has greater stretch capabilities, puncture resistance that’s second to none, longer reel lengths as well as guaranteed reel lengths. As well as this, we combine our products with over two decades’ of packaging know-how.

Therefore by consulting with our team and utilising our free packaging audit, not only can we advise on the best pallet wrap film for your specific packaging operations, but help make improvements to your processes too. Ultimately helping you to maximise the amount of stretch wrapping film required resulting in plastic reduction and cost savings in your packaging use.

Working with Lindum provides bespoken expertise and guidance, alongside our innovative pallet stretch wrap products. We don’t just supply pallet wrap, but ensure you are using the proper pallet wrap film specific to your business needs. In working closely with you to look at your packaging operations as a whole, looking at products and processes as a whole allows us to not only save you money, but reduce your plastic packaging waste, your CO2 footprint and have a significant impact on your pallet stability too.

Find out more about our pallet wrap ranges, or get in touch today to book a free packaging audit to see if you are using pallet wrap stretch film suitable for your packaging operations.