Quality packaging tape for carton sealing

Packaging tape is an essential item in many business’ packaging operations – whether that is in an office environment, warehouse or factory, packing tape is critical for the packing, moving and transportation of boxed goods.

High quality packaging tape ensures your packaging stays securely sealed while in storage and transit, regardless of temperature and other environmental conditions.

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Why our adhesive tape?

Lindum’s Caretape™ range of adhesive tape was designed with fast grab adhesion and some of the highest quality coat weights in the industry – so whatever cardboard packaging you need to adhere to, there is something in the range that will stick and stay stuck.
Our adhesive tape is split into several ranges. Our CT range is our standard packaging tape range for general packaging in dry and ambient conditions. Our Caretape range is our premium range of packing tape for high-volume packaging in ambient, chilled and frozen conditions. Lastly, our Caretpae XSol tape is a solvent adhesive range that provides superior adhesion for reliable high-volume packaging in chilled and frozen conditions. Our packaging tape is also complemented by a range of packaging accessories, including premium tape dispensers.

We have a tape to suit every packaging operation, and provide superior quality machine and hand application packaging tapes that not only provide greater strength, stick and durability but they also help to reduce operator downtime and costs.

The benefits of our adhesive tapes

Our range of adhesive tape include the highest coat weights available in the packaging industry and the longest roll lengths on the market. The other main benefits include:

  • Suitable for us in a wide range of environments, and adhesive tape options for use in temperatures as low as -24°C
  • Clean running adhesive tape meaning no adhesive build-up on machinery rollers and blades
  • Longest roll lengths in the industry meaning less downtime and less waste
  • Strengthened tape meaning less tape snapping
  • Highest coat weights in the industry
  • Majority of the range is solvent free, therefore providing an environmentally friendly packaging tape  solution
  • Clear, coloured and printed tape options available
  • Paper tape for a plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging tape option

Our aim is to help companies reduce plastic waste, improve the productivity within their packaging operations and delivery quality products. Use our packaging tape product selector tool below to find the right product for you, or alternatively get in touch to discuss our packaging tape range and see how we can help you.

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