Take advantage of our free transit packaging audit to increase efficiency and profitability

When you know you need to reduce the amount of packaging your business uses but aren’t sure how to achieve that, take advantage of our free transit packaging consultancy service to identify the changes you need to make.

Our free survey assesses your transit packaging usage, systems, and processes to identify operational savings and optimal practises, making your business more efficient. It’s simple – our survey will help to save you money, reduce your plastic and CO2 and improve your packaging performance.

Using our highly-trained packaging specialists, decades of expertise, and insider knowledge of the latest packaging innovations, we’ve identified savings for a wide range of clients.

An average survey will identify savings that add up to 53% less plastic packaging, 54% less cash tied up in stock, opportunities to improve downtime by 31%, and a 27% reduction in packaging costs.

Get in touch to take advantage of our free transit packaging consultancy service and see what changes we can suggest for your business.

Innovative packaging solutions for your business

Whether you’re under pressure to looking for opportunities to reduce your plastic packaging usage, increase packaging performance to reduce spoiled and rejected loads, or just want access to the latest packaging innovations, our integrated packaging survey will help you understand where you can make changes.

Working with you to assess all of your packaging materials, processes and equipment, our experts will highlight opportunities to reduce plastic packaging and save money.

Bringing our insight into the latest packaging innovations, we’ll suggest what you can change to have the biggest impact now and in the future, whether that’s new machinery, using a better product, or simply a change to your production process.

And to minimise the risk of making changes that don’t work, we’ll help you set up a trial of any new working practises or materials to prove that they are the right thing to do. We continually develop and innovate within the B2B packaging market, so will always be giving you market leading expertise.

We helped Iceland Manufacturing, part of the Iceland Food Group, reduce packaging costs by 42%, saving 18 tonnes of plastic packaging. To benefit from our expertise so you can save money and be more efficient, get in touch to book your free transit packaging consultancy survey today.


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