Reducing packaging costs & saving money

Every business needs to keep an eye on costs, but saving money isn’t just about buying the cheapest products on the market.

When it comes to packaging, financial impacts can be hidden in many different areas – including production downtime, spoiled loads or damages due to poor quality packaging,  and, from April 2022, packaging waste tax on plastic packaging.

Let us use our decades worth of packaging expertise and insider information to help you refine your packaging processes, optimise your packaging products so that you can identify and make real world cost savings, and reduce your current packaging costs.

Working with businesses across all FMCG sectors, throughout the UK and across Europe, we’ve proved that correct packaging products, optimising machinery settings, and leaner processes can all help in reducing packaging costs and ultimately generate savings.

Using our free packaging audit we’ll assess the products and machinery that your business uses along with your processes to identify ways to be more efficient and save you money. Just like we did for Faccenda Foods, which reduced their packaging costs by 23% and saved 53 tonnes of packaging waste in the year after working with Lindum.

How can we reduce your packaging costs?

Better doesn’t have to mean more expensive – at least, not when you need to use less of a higher-quality product.

We’ll recommend the right pallet wrap, tape and other packaging to ensure you can make cost savings for your bottom line, calculating exactly the right products for the job and for your business.

We’ll work closely with you to look over your entire packaging operations and business processes and recommend improvements that can be made that will ultimately reduce packaging costs. For example, by changing to a different pallet wrap for your specific operations and machinery, could lead to significant cost savings. Optimising to ensure the products you use are the right ones to suit your business operations is key. Not only will this ensure you can make cost savings that will impact your bottom line, but will ultimately reduce your plastic packaging usage and increase your business’ efficiency.

There are other smart ways to make savings too. Havelock Foods improved their cashflow due to the just-in-time packaging ordering system we recommended they implement.

Our experts will be able to assess the way pallets are stacked, wrapped, and even address any movement in transport issues that may be causing hidden costs in your packaging operations.

Simple changes can often lead to big results when it comes to transit packaging. Our free packaging audit is a great place to start on the road to improving your packaging operations and reducing packaging costs.

Optimise to reduce your packaging costs

Beginning a conversation with Lindum could be the start of some big improvements within your packaging operations. Our free packaging audit is a great place to start; from a chat with one of our packaging experts, to a site visit to assess your products and processes. Optimising your products and processes will not only reduce your packaging costs but lead to other big wins too – including a reduction in plastic, and even an opportunity to utilise our carbon offset programme for carbon neutral packaging.
We’d love to hear from you, and help you reduce your packaging costs and improve your packaging performance. Speak to one of the team today.

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