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Helping a global paint brand solve the problem of damaged goods in transit

A global paint manufacturer sought our help when they wanted to get to the bottom of the reason so many of their products were being damaged in transit. Through pallet stability testing, we helped to achieve some impressive results:

  • Helped them to eliminate damaged goods in transit
  • Identified new packaging techniques that led to significant packaging, transport & CO2 costs

The challenge

The paint manufacturer approached us here at Lindum Packaging when they thought there may be a problem with their existing pallet packaging. They had previously tried to resolve this problem by using a remote stability testing facility in Europe.  This had high cost associated with it, because of the transport of goods to Europe, but also didn’t give the real-time feedback that you get by testing on site.  These previous efforts failed to translate into a benefit back in the real-world of transport and logistics at their UK factory.

They then consulted with our team who set out to help solve the problem that was causing a high amount of damaged goods in transit.

Solving pallet stability issues, for better results

The manufacturer had embarked on a journey to invest in new packaging machinery at their facility. With so many products being damaged in transit, they didn’t want to push ahead with such an investment until they had got to the bottom of their packaging issues.

Our team were able to quickly identify that the problems they were facing were down to pallet stability. With that, we utilised our innovative, UK first mobile pallet stability test lab and undertook testing at their manufacturing site.

The beauty of our test lab, is that once on site, we can test and retest. Therefore we don’t just suggest improvements, but make them and test them to see real time data and effectiveness of the improvements in action.

Lindum’s test lab gave the flexibility to work both on and off site.  Initial on-site testing identified the root causes of poor pallet stability, and further off-site trials allowed packaging formulation work to happen without taking up valuable manufacturing time on the production line.  Then further trials with the test lab on site were able to verify the results in real time, thus giving the paint manufacturer the confidence that the project was successful.

We discussed and demonstrated the difference between stretch hoods and stretch wrap, allowing them to fully understand the differences and benefits of each. In combination with live test demonstrations, we were able to clearly identify not only where the problems were coming from, but also gave them the confidence to push ahead with the investment of new pallet wrapping machinery across the manufacturing plant, something which had been put on hold.

Results and long term benefits

The results for the global paint brand were significant. Not only did we get to the bottom of what was causing the damaged goods, but in doing so managed to save them thousands of pounds a year eliminating damaged goods in transit.

By being able to test and improve pallet stability, we therefore were able to give the manufacturer the confidence they needed to invest in new packaging machinery across their manufacturing site.

The added value Lindum brought to this global brand meant that through carrying out a range of tests, we could not only recommend the right film but also go one step further. We identified that during transportation due to the changes made, they could make changes to how they stacked their products. So their 10L paint buckets could be restacked more efficiently – adding an extra layer to the pallet. Restacking in this way meant that they were able to dispatch 60 tubs on a pallet instead of 48, which was a transport and efficiency gain of over £1 million per year.

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