Low carbon packaging with our carbon offset scheme

When it comes to sustainability, we’ve all got our part to play – which is why here at Lindum Packaging, we’ve developed a market-leading carbon offset scheme to help our clients and contacts with low carbon packaging.

As well as being packaging innovators, we also seek to help you with low carbon packaging – to minimise as much CO2 within your packaging usage as possible, whilst reducing your carbon footprint further in order to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. In other words, ensure carbon neutral packaging within your business.

Climate-neutral packaging in two smart steps

Helping you to get low carbon packaging, our carbon offset scheme works much like any traditional programme, but with a little Lindum difference. Here’s how our carbon offset scheme works in two smart but simple steps…

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Step 1.
Reducing packaging use and waste

Our unique solutions, such as our packaging audit and pioneering mobile pallet load stability test lab, allow us to identify, optimise and implement products and solutions that:

  • Reduce your plastic and packaging use
  • Reduce your CO2
  • Improve your packaging performance

Through this analysis and optimisation, we ensure that by reducing your plastic packaging waste, we are cutting your CO2 to a minimum and helping you move towards climate-neutral packaging.

Step 2.
Carbon offset your packaging

Once we’ve assessed your current packaging operations and the new measures have been put in place from step 1, we’ll than help you to achieve carbon neutral packaging – by offsetting the balance of your carbon, through our partnership with Forest Carbon.

In essence we reduce your plastic packaging carbon footprint to a minimum, then we can offset the remainder, helping you take the step towards carbon neutral packaging operations.

Not only are you reducing your plastic packaging usage, but through our carbon offset programme, we are further allowing you to:

  • Comply with your CSR commitments
  • Reduce your CO2, benefitting the environment
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability

Low carbon packaging

Sustainability is key and we’re committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint within your packaging operations. Low carbon packaging is achievable, and we can help.

So if you’d like to speak to one of our packaging experts to see how we can help your business become even more environmentally friendly.

implement reduced plastic packaging initiatives for sustainable business practices

Customer Success Story

Metal Packaging Manufacturer

  • 64 %

    reduction in stretch film consumption

We helped save packaging manuafacturer of over 18 tonnes of plastic per year. The nano stretch film allowed for a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped from £0.81 to £0.41.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Drink And Brewing Company

  • 80 %

    reduction in movement transport

We helped a multinational drinks and brewing company reduce movement in transport occurences by 80%
Multinational Drink And Brewing Company | Lindum Packaging

Customer Success Story

Vegan Food Manufacturer

  • 71.2 %

    reduction in plastic

By switching to a pre-stretched hand pallet wrap, the customer was able to reduce the amount of film used to wrap each pallet from 375g to 108g on average.
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