7 Reasons to use custom printed packaging tape

Why use printed packaging tape? There are several applications for custom printed packaging tapes, depending on whether you are using standard printed packing tape or custom printed packaging tape.  Here are a few advantages of using custom printed packaging tapes.


Bespoke printed tapes can be used to improve traceability, especially in the food industry.  Using printed tape to display your EC number on all your cartons improves supplier and batch identification, therefore assisting traceability.

Printed packing tape for branding

Using a custom printed tape ensures your brand is visible from the time the carton leaves your site until it reaches the consumer, increasing brand exposure.

In addition, with the increase in online ordering and shipments being sent, using custom printed tape will help your company to stand out from the crowd.


First impressions are so important.  Custom printed tape, displaying your brand, gives a great first impression when it arrives at your customer.  It shows that you care and that you pay attention to detail, which helps to build confidence in your company and your products.

Identification through custom printed packaging tape

Printed tape makes it easy to instantly identify the contents of the carton for proper handling and storage.

If you are using standard printed tapes such as ‘QC Hold’ or ‘Quarantine’, this makes it much easier to identify goods within your warehouse, to avoid confusion.

Security of printed shipping tape

Once your shipment leaves your site, you don’t know who will handle your goods.  Custom printed tape can be an effective anti-tamper measure as printed tape that is broken or resealed is easily identifiable.

Special Instructions

Standard printed tapes carry messages such as ‘Fragile’, ‘This way up’, ‘Handle with care’, etc. to ensure that your goods are handled correctly in transit, arriving at your customer in the condition you want them to.  Once they arrive at your customer, this aids the consumer in storing the goods correctly.

Reduces Carton Costs

If you use custom printed tape for branding, this reduces the need to hold large stocks of printed cartons.  Plain cartons are less expensive and can be purchased in smaller quantities, saving you money and storage.  Printed paper tapes are especially effective and professional looking for this application.

For a free quote or to place an order for printed tape, contact us right away and our packaging experts will be glad to help you.

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