Innovation Centre Now Open!

We are opening the doors to our brand new Innovation Centre to help our customers resolve their transit packaging challenges.

Offsite Pallet Stability Testing

Driven by our desire to eliminate goods damaged in transit due to pallet stability issues, the centre has been specifically designed to provide an offsite solution by replicating packaging lines and in-transit conditions without disrupting our customers’ day-to-day operations onsite.

Reducing MIT Can Save You Millions

Movement in Transit (MIT) is a major problem for many businesses, unfortunately it’s a largely unknown or hidden problem for the majority. But with MIT issues affecting 11% of pallet journeys, we estimate that 82.5 million pallets arrive at their destination with some damage every year. It’s an issue that results in huge product and financial losses for businesses.

Lindum Packaging have been working with a global paint manufacturer who were wasting a quarter of a million pounds on goods damaged in transit every year because of rejected deliveries, stock write-offs and additional material and transport costs.

We helped them identify the root cause of the problem and why their pallets were falling over in transit using our testing process. We were then able to make changes to their transit packaging to improve pallet stability, not just making recommendations but testing the most effective solution to prevent any damages from Movement in Transport in the future. 

This not only included identifying the right stretch wrap film to use to secure their pallets but also making changes to the stacking formation which resulted in a transport and efficiency gain of over £1 million per year.

Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab

Lindum have invested £250,000 in creating this revolutionary, first of it’s kind test centre to help customers solve pallet instability and MIT issues. At 300m2 the Innovation Centre is equipped with a range of packaging tools to measure, trial and test innovative packaging to solve a wide range of problems.

The pièce de resistance is the Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab which reproduces transport conditions using G force tests to replicate the stresses of a vehicle braking. Customers can send a problem pallet to us and we will test it in real time. Our Mobile Test Lab simulates the stresses that a loaded pallet is subject to when a vehicle brakes suddenly. A camera measures and records the deflection and movements to give scientifically accurate, data-backed results to diagnose the root problem.

The UK’s first Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab launched in 2020 and customer trials over the last 18 months are delivering excellent results. We recently helped a national brewery switch to a recycled content stretch film by trialling a variety of films. Once the best film was selected, we were also able to optimise the machine wrapping settings to reduce wastage. This resulted in reduced costs from pallets damaged in transit and reduced virgin plastic consumption by 2,106kg per year, as well as significant CO2 savings and packaging usage reductions.

Minimal Disruption to Operations

The addition of the Innovation Centre now enables adjustments to be made offsite, instead of packaging changes being trialled onsite by the customer and disrupting their packaging operations. We can do this in the centre with our range of  pallet wrapping equipment, variety of gauge films, anti-slip sheets and other pallet stabilising and protective tertiary packaging materials. Rather than relying on trial and error Lindum’s testing process is backed by scientific data to identify the best solution for the customer.

“With the Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab and Innovation Centre, we can show our customers exactly what they need to do to ensure that their products get from their factory to their customer in the best condition. We go beyond highlighting where customers have problems with goods getting damaged in transit and diagnose and treat the root cause to prevent the problem from arising in the future.” – Rick Sellars, Sales Manager

Pallet Stability Testing You Can Trust

This is pallet stability testing you can trust. As a member of EUMOS – The European Safe Logistics Association, Lindum’s pallet stability testing protocols have been developed in accordance with the EUMOS standard.

The Innovation Centre is based at Lindum’s head office in Lincolnshire and is now open, if you are experiencing MIT and would like to a tour of the facility and see a live test demo in action give us a call on +44(0)1469 574480 or use the contact form below to arrange your visit.

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