Sustainable plastic packaging made with 30% recycled content

As a supplier of transit packaging, we focus on helping our clients to reduce their plastic usage, minimise their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals. As such we are thrilled to launch our latest product range – products made with recycled content.

In order to help businesses reach their sustainability goals, and to assist in their bid to reduce plastic usage in the supply chain, our latest range of products feature 30% recycled content – helping to cut the use of virgin raw materials in your packaging operations.

With the Plastics Tax being introduced in just a few months’ time, now is the perfect time to look at products with the required amount of recycled content to enable you to avoid any tax liabilities you may face. Therefore we are pleased to be offering a machine nano stretch film, an extended core hand pallet wrap, as well as hand and machine packaging tape and polythene pallet covers all with the required 30% recycled content.

Products with recycled content for your specific requirements

As a market leader, we strive to offer bespoke options to solve your problems. So alongside our standard range of products with 30% recycled content, we can go one step further and can help deliver other recycled content products that are tailored to your specific packaging requirements. For instance, we have recently worked with a national manufacturer to develop a recycled content heat shrink film for use in their operations. Our expertise as packaging specialists means we can work to the requirements of you and your packaging operations.

Take a browse over our recycled content products below, find out more about recycled content packaging expertise here or talk to us today to see how we can help you ahead of the introduction of the Plastics Tax.

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