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Polythene wrapping products

Lindum are experts when it comes to packaging products – working closely with businesses across the UK to ensure your goods arrive safe and damage free. One particular range we provide are polythene wrapping products. Whether you need polythene sheets , polythene layflat tubing or even black polythene rolls , we are here to help with your polythene wrapping requirements.

Polythene wrapping products provide an excellent way to keep your goods protected from environmental factors, such as dust, dirt and moisture during storage and transit. Plastic polythene wrapping products, including polythene wrapping sheets, are a simple and effective waterproof solution to ensure product packaging protection; keeping environmental factors at bay and goods clean, safe and protected.

With a wide range of plastic wrapping products – from polythene wrapping sheets to polythene rolls and polythene tubing – our products make a great addition to your packaging operations – regardless of the industry you operate in. Being packaging experts, we can also assist with other packaging products that work with our polythene wrapping range – such as packaging tapes.

Polythene wrapping sheets

Polythene wrapping sheets are a popular polythene product, and a great addition to your packaging operations, particular when using pallets to move your goods. Wrapping polythene around goods can add that extra layer of protection when goods are stored in a warehouse environment, or when moving in transit – preventing goods from damage.

Our wrapping polythene sheets are available in a range of different widths and lengths, all depending on the specific application they are required for.

More about wrapping polythene products

Wrapping polythene products are a great addition to your packaging products. In addition to polythene sheets, we can also help with a wide range of other polythene products and transit packaging supplies.

With plastic reduction a key sustainability goal and factor for many businesses, we can also help you with polythene items made with the required 30% recycled content too. As well as standard polythene wrapping products, we also have a range of recycled content products – meeting the required 30% recycled content in order to avoid liability of the Plastic Packaging Tax – which comes into effect in April. In addition to standard polythene products, we can also help you with bespoke items too. If you have any queries about your polythene wrapping products and the Plastic Packaging Tax, then get in touch and one of our team will be happy to discuss.

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