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Pallet turntables for pallet wrapping

As UK leading stretch film and pallet wrap experts, we work with businesses throughout the UK to help improve the efficiencies in their pallet wrapping operations, including helping supply pallet turntables for pallet wrapping as well as full pallet wrap machines.

Lindum specialises in pallet handling – from the supply of expert pallet wrap and stretch film products, to pallet turntables and wrapping machines and pallet stability testing; we work with our clients to bring expertise to their pallet wrapping operations.

Pallet turntables for UK based packaging operations

Pallet wrapping can be done by hand, but using a pallet turntable or wrapping machine can greatly increase your efficiencies. The time it takes to apply film is greatly reduced, as is the resource required to manually wrap a pallet.

Working closely with our clients, we supply pallet wrap machines and pallet turntables for UK based packaging operations. Depending on your packaging operations, we can help to assess your packaging processes and efficiencies too – and look at how your pallet wrap machine or pallet turntable is working in conjunction with your stretch film.

The pallet wrap machines and pallet turntables for UK based businesses can be supplied on their own, or we can help to optimise your packaging performance and ensure they are used in conjunction with the right stretch film at the right settings to make the most out of your film and pallet wrapping.

Pallet turntable with scales

Some pallet turntables come with scales built in. The benefit of a pallet wrapping machine or pallet turntable with scales is that you can quickly assess the weight of your pallets, when used a simple floor scales.

Pallet wrapping machines and pallet turntables can be supplied specific to the needs of your packaging operations; with a number of options to suit.
A well wrapped pallet is not only key to protecting your goods in storage and transit, but a critical factor in ensuring pallet stability. Our team work closely with businesses throughout the UK to not only supply machine and products, but to advise on best practice, optimisation of your stretch film products as well as plastic reduction in your packaging too.

To find out more about our range of pallet turntables and pallet wrapping machines, see our range of pallet wrappers below or get in touch today to speak to one of our team. Our team are more than happy to assist in advising on the right machine for your packaging requirements.