The right film & machinery combined ensured cost & plastic savings

A large oriental food specialist got in touch after engaging with several other companies, who couldn’t help them. Working with their existing machinery, the company wanted to reduce packaging costs, but without replacing machinery. We worked closely with them to…

  • See an 83.2% plastic saving
  • Achieve a 66.6% cost saving

The challenge

After engaging with several other companies, with no luck, the oriental food manufacturer got in touch with Lindum as a last resort, to see if we could help where others couldn’t.

Pallet wrapping machinery isn’t cheap, so after investing in core brake machines for their packaging operations, they wanted to be able to ensure the film they were using provided the best possible performance and they were using the right amount – and nothing more.

Despite the significant investment, all previous advice that had been received was to replace the machinery in order to achieve their objectives.

Following consultation with the team here at Lindum, we arranged to visit site and conduct a packaging audit and find out what we could find out.

The right film for the right machine

After conducting a packaging audit at the oriental food company’s manufacturing site, and consulting with the team there, the Lindum team found a proactive way forward.

The Lindum team soon discovered the food manufacturer were using a rough film on their current machines, which was too thick for the application required. They were using a 23mu film, which was too thick, and did not stretch as required for the machines that were in use.

It was suggested that switching to Linudm’s 6mu Carewrap film would be better suited to the machines, as it is a pre-stretched film – which their current film wasn’t. This would mean it would complement the existing machinery, and working in combination would mean that existing machinery is suitable, would not need replacing and the packaging line would be much more productive than before.

Results and long term benefits

The results went far beyond their original objective when getting in touch with Lindum. Not only did we solve their problem of their pallet wrap working perfectly with their existing machinery, and it not needing to be replaced, but by switching to a different stretch film managed to help them incidentally achieve huge savings.

By switching to a thinner film the amount of plastic saved in their packaging was huge – an incredible 83.2% plastic waste saved by switching to a different stretch film. On top of this, the cost of the new film also meant a packaging cost saving of 66.6%.

Achieving the original objective, and exceeding all expectations, with significant plastic and cost savings, shows the value Lindum can bring to any packaging operations.

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