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8 Pieces of Packaging Equipment you need, now!

8 Pieces of Packaging Equipment you need, now!

Tape Dispenser
No more biting tape with your teeth, or desperately trying to rub the wrinkles out of the tape you have just applied. The E-Tape dispenser will ensure that adhesive tape is professionally, quickly and safely applied to your cardboard cartons or pallets.

Does wrapping pallets all day leave you with back-ache? Ergonomically, wrapping pallets by hand is horrendous for your health.  The Carepole is designed to ensure you wrap pallets with the correct posture, and you use less wrap due to the unique stretch mechanism.

Pallet Wrapper
At some point wrapping pallets by hand brings the cry ‘enough is enough’! If you are wrapping more than 25 pallets per day, seriously consider purchasing a wrapping machine.  You’ll have lower wrapping costs, consistency and no more H&S Claims!

Strapping Poker 
Do you ever get fed up of kneeling on a cold concrete floor trying to feed strapping under a pallet? And then having to dust off your knees and hands when you finally stand up!? The strapping poker is a simple tool that allows you to feed strapping under a pallet without all that fuss.

Strapping Dispenser

Packing Bench 
Did you ever realise that you don’t have to spend 5 minutes looking for a box and tape every time you package up products 😊? A packing bench allows you to apply LEAN to your packaging process, and speed up your packaging operations.

Safety Knife & Lanyard
This is the one tool that no one should every be without, its kind of a swiss army knife for grown ups!  Used for safely cutting film, boxes, tape and strapping.  Oh and the lanyard means no one can nick your knife!

Heat Shrink Gun 
Great for Pork Crackling and Crème brûlée…., Oh and Shrink Wrapping Pallets! If you have extra heavy pallets or export product that needs the ultimate protection then heat shrink film gives this to you.  Simply wrap the product in Heat Shrink film and then heat!



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