Why isn’t adding more wrap necessarily a solution to pallet stability issues?

Whilst increasing the amount of stretch film you are applying to each pallet will most likely improve load stability, it is not a cost effective or sustainable solution.

Before you begin increasing the number of wraps per pallet, it is important to ensure you packaging processes are optimised.

Are you using the correct film for your requirements?

A common issue we see is people using a power pre-stretch film on a non pre-stretch machine such as a core brake machine. As the machine is not stretching the film, it will still have unused stretch potential. This means that in the event of severe braking or cornering during transit, the force of the goods moving will cause the film to stretch allowing the goods to move further rather than keeping them secure as it should. In comparison, if the film has had the stretch taken out of it, either by a power pre-stretch machine or a pre-stretched film, then it will remain tight and prevent movement.

Another problem we often see is companies using an inadequate film for the goods they are wrapping. Heavy, awkward goods will require a higher gauge film and using a low gauge film on heavy pallets may save plastic and money, but it will not be strong enough to secure the load effectively.

Is the film being stretched to its optimum?

This is similar to the example above, not stretching a film to its optimum will mean that is still has stretch potential left in it allowing for movement during transport. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are stretching your film correctly.

Could you benefit from change your wrapping pattern?

Sometimes pallet stability issues can be solved by simply changing your wrapping pattern or stack plan. Techniques such as roping will increase load stability without using much, if any, additional plastic. Stacking products on the pallet differently may also improve rigidity, for example you may benefit from changing from column stacking to brick stacking.

Could you use pallet stability products?

Paper anti-slip sheets are an excellent solution to pallet stability issues. They improve load rigidity by increasing the friction between the pallet layers. They are much more sustainable than adding more stretch film to the pallet as they are made from recycled paper not plastic.


If you are struggling to know where to start or do not have the expertise to optimise you packaging, we would be glad to help. On the other hand, if you have already optimised your packaging and are still experiencing problems with pallet stability then you would benefit from our Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab which not only allows us to find the root cause of the problem but also develop and verifying a solution.

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