Why choose a nano film?

What is a nano film?

A nano stretch film is a film which is made up from many different layers. Each layer has different properties and are arranged in a lattice to create a unique, high-performance film.

How is a nano film made?

Nano films are a type of cast film and therefore the way in which they are made is very similar. As with regular cast films, molten resin is passed through a die and rolled into a film. However, the difference with nano film production is that there are many dies which each produce a very thin layer of film. These layers are then pressed together to form the final film which is cut and wound into individual reels.

Why choose a nano film?

  • To wrap awkward pallets.

As mentioned above, nano films are made up from many layers which are arranged in a lattice. As a result, nano films have a puncture resistance which is far superior to regular stretch wrap.

This makes it well suited for wrapping awkward pallets with sharp edges or obtrusions. We see many companies who are wrapping these types of pallets using very heavy 23-micron or even as high as 30-micron films to wrap their pallets as anything less snaps whilst being applied. This is very cost inefficient and unsustainable.

By using nano films, we have helped these companies to reduce the thickness of their stretch wrap down to 12 or 15 microns without them having issues with snapping.

  • To wrap unstable loads.

Nano films provide higher holding forces than conventional pallet wrap. This makes them an excellent solution for securing unstable loads and helps to reduce the risk of movement in transport.

  • To minimise plastic waste.

The superior strength and puncture resistance of nano films allows you to reduce the thickness of your pallet wrap without the risk of snapping or negatively impacting pallet stability. This will reduce the weight of film applied to each pallet which minimises plastic usage and reduce Plastic Packaging Tax liability.

  • To reduce costs.

Nano films are also much higher performing than regular stretch wrap in terms of stretch capability. This allows the film to run at higher levels of pre-stretch without the risk of snapping. As a result, the yield of each roll of film is increased which reduces the cost per pallet wrapped.

  • To speed up production and reduce the risk of downtime.

The strength of nano films allows them to run at much higher speeds than regular films without snapping. This allows you to speed up your production and reduce the risk of downtime as a result of snapping on your wrapping lines.

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