Who are EUMOS?

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EUMOS, the European Safe Logistics Association, stands at the forefront of enhancing logistics safety, with a keen focus on pallet stability. As a non-profit entity, it harnesses the collective expertise of its members to drive improvements in the transport of goods, thereby reducing fatalities and elevating safety standards across Europe.


EUMOS at a Glance

Comprising experts from various sectors, EUMOS is dedicated to the mission of making goods transportation safer. The association excels in developing standards for cargo security, with a particular emphasis on cargo securing and transport packaging. Through technical committees, EUMOS ensures that the highest level of expertise is applied to establish benchmarks for logistics safety, including the critical area of pallet stability.


Spotlight on EUMOS 40509 Standard

A key achievement of EUMOS is the EUMOS 40509 standard, which specifically addresses the rigidity of load units to enhance pallet stability. This standard outlines a method to evaluate load unit rigidity effectively, providing essential guidelines for ensuring that goods remain secure and stable during transportation. It is instrumental for packaging labs, palletised goods producers, and cargo securing experts, among others, in preventing accidents and maintaining the integrity of goods in transit. Our Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab has ISO17025 accreditation to test to the EUMOS 40509 standard.


The Broader Impact of EUMOS

EUMOS’s work extends beyond the EUMOS 40509 standard. The association is deeply involved in developing guidelines for wrapping and packing irregular loads, advocating for best practices in cargo securing, and offering educational resources. EUMOS’s dedication to improving logistics safety aligns with the EU’s Vision Zero goal, aiming to eliminate road fatalities by ensuring the stability and security of palletized goods during transport.


In essence, EUMOS is making a significant contribution to logistics safety in Europe, with a strong emphasis on pallet stability. Through its standards, advocacy, and education, EUMOS is not just saving lives but also safeguarding the integrity of goods on the move, reflecting its unwavering commitment to logistics safety.