What is the Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab?

At Lindum, we’re so passionate about pioneering solutions in the packaging and logistics sector, and we take immense pride in our Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab. This ground-breaking service stands as a testament to our commitment towards solving the critical issue of pallet stability, impacting numerous businesses across the UK and further afield.

Our journey was sparked by a clear objective: to elevate the safety and integrity of palletised goods during transport. Understanding the challenges posed by unstable pallets—damaged goods, dissatisfied customers, and unnecessary expenses—led us to develop the Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab. More than just a laboratory, it embodies our dedication to delivering unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability in pallet testing.

Here’s a closer look at how our lab operates:

  1. The process begins with securing a pallet onto a sled within our specialised mobile unit.
  2. Next, the pallet is propelled down a track at a predetermined speed, simulating the dynamics of transportation.
  3. A critical step involves decelerating the sled at a predefined rate, recreating the g-forces of an emergency braking scenario—the ultimate test for any palletised load.
  4. Adjusting the deceleration rate allows us to model different emergency stop conditions, providing a thorough understanding of how varied loads react under such stress.
  5. As the pallet halts, a specially designed camera captures its deformation, enabling us to analyse the movement and pinpoint instability.
  6. This data is invaluable, identifying exactly where movement occurs, whether it’s between layers or at the base, and guiding us to the underlying cause of the issue.
  7. Equipped with this insight, our team of packaging technologists sets out to devise precise solutions to improve the pallet stability.

The mobility of our lab marks a transformative change. By delivering our testing capabilities directly to your premises, we sidestep the complications and expenses associated with off-site testing. This strategy not only conserves time and resources but also facilitates real-time testing and adaptation of packaging solutions right at the core of your operations.

Securing ISO17025 accreditation for our lab was a landmark achievement. It endorses our testing against the EUMOS 40509 standard, making ours the world’s only mobile lab of its kind to hold such accreditation. This distinction isn’t merely ceremonial; it’s your guarantee of our technical acumen, the scientific rigour of our methods, and the impartiality of our findings. It signifies that when we validate the stability of your pallet, it aligns with the highest international standards.

For us at Lindum, the Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab is much more than a service. It epitomises our drive for innovation, excellence, and environmental responsibility in packaging and logistics. It’s our way of helping businesses not just meet but surpass their packaging requirements, ensuring maximal stability and security for every pallet.

If you share our commitment to the safety and efficiency of your palletised goods, we’re ready to bring our laboratory to you. Let’s collaborate to refine your packaging strategies, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your products, every time.