What are the benefits of a nano pallet wrap?

A nano stretch film is a film that is made up from layers of different polymers. In this blog we will discuss the benefits at drawbacks of a nano film.


  • A nano film has a high puncture resistance. This makes it suitable for wrapping awkward and sharp loads. In addition, in comparison to a standard cast film a nano film will allow you to reduce the gauge of your film without the risk of snapping or compromising load stability. This will help you to reduce plastic and make your packaging processes more sustainable.
  • A nano film is high strength and has a high maximum stretch ratio. This means that you can achieve greater levels of pre-stretch allowing you to get greater yield and potentially reduce cost and plastic per pallet.
  • The strength of nano film also helps companies who are wrapping heavy and unstable loads to achieve pallet stability without using excessive amounts of plastic. This means that they can reduce the risk of movement in transport without compromising on their environmental goals.
  • A nano film allows you to gain many of the benefits of a blown film (high puncture resistance and strength) but without the high production costs and complications. This can make nano films more cost effective.


  • Nano films can often seem expensive, however if optimised and used correctly they can actually reduce your cost per pallet wrapped.
  • Although they have the strength of a blown film, they do not have the same ‘stick’. This means that it does not grip the goods or stick to itself as effectively which can sometimes be an issue for very unstable or awkward loads.

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