Pallet wrappers in the UK – what to consider before buying a pallet wrapping machine

A pallet wrapping machine can be a large investment, but it can also revolutionise the productivity in your packaging operations. Before investing in a pallet wrapper there are some things to consider. In this article you will learn about the aspects to consider when buying a pallet wrapping machine.

The benefits of pallet wrappers

There are many benefits to using pallet wrappers in your packaging operations – especially if you are wrapping a high volume of pallets.

Five advantages of a pallet wrapping machine

  1. Increases productivity since it removes much of the manual process
  2. Frees up staff to do other tasks while the pallet wrapper does its job
  3. Optimises the use of stretch wrap since the machine ensures that the correct amount of stretch is applied to the pallet wrap when it is being applied
  4. Decreases wear and tear injuries caused by pallet wrapping by hand
  5. Consistent output with less chance of downtime

What to think about before contacting any pallet wrap manufacturers in the UK

There are several pallet wrap manufacturers in the UK and some of them also offer pallet wrappers to go hand in hand with the stretch wrap. Before you contact any of them, there may be many questions you need to ask:

  • Do you need an automatic or a semi-automatic pallet wrapper?
  • Do you need a pallet wrapper for high volume or standard use? 
  • Do you need a machine with a core break system or a power pre-stretch pallet shrink wrap machine?
  • Do you need a machine with specific wrapping applications?
  • Does your company have any speed requirements?

Finding the right pallet wrappers in the UK for your requirements can be like finding a needle in a haystack. If your company wishes to buy high-quality pallet wrap or invest in pallet wrappers it is a great idea to contact one of the leading pallet wrap manufacturers that can supply the two in conjunction. The right machine with the right wrap combined means 100% efficiency.

Two types of automatic pallet wrappers

There are two types of fully automatic pallet wrappers: a wrapper with a rotating arm and a turntable wrapper. 

  • A pallet wrapper with a rotating arm keeps the pallet stationary instead of rotating The machine can pack all kinds of pallets but is a particularly good choice if you need to wrap extremely light loads since the machine allows the pallet to remain securely in place 
  • A pallet wrapper with a turntable has a platform on which the pallet rotates around itself which makes it wrapped. 

Stretch wrap manufacturers UK ー stretch wrap and wrapping machines

Stretch wrap is used to stabilise pallets and protect the goods during transit. The first step to take if you want to increase efficiency, improve movement in transport issues and increase pallet performance, is to buy a pallet wrap dispenser or pallet wrap machine that suits your packaging operations. 

If your company is wrapping more than 15 pallets per day, talk to us about how our range of machines and complementing pallet wrap can increase your packaging efficiency, improve pallet stability and reduce packaging costs. 

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