Pallet stability testing FAQs

Will my product be damaged / destroyed in the testing?
The aim of our testing is to check performance with the tests carried out, our aim is not to damage or destroy anything. However, with the nature of the testing, some damage will be experienced.

Do I get a certificate to say that my pallets are safe?
All testing done is carried out to EUMOS test methodology, and we provide a full EUMOS test report. As part of the tests, we look at problem areas and how to improve pallet performance. However, we do not certify loads.  

Do you test Euro and standard pallets?
Yes we can test both pallet size types. 

What is the tallest pallet you can test?
The test lab is designed to conduct tests on pallets up to 1.9m high.

Can you test double stacked pallets?
Yes, depending on their height. If the double stacked pallets do not exceed 1.9m combined.

Does an improvement in pallet stability have a direct impact to the amount of damaged or lost goods?
Yes. The purpose of the test lab is to get to the root of any possible pallet stability problems, and finding solutions to them. If pallet stability is causing you the problem of damaged or lost goods, then fixing the problem will have an impact on damaged goods.

Can you simulate a roundabout or speed bump?
The mobile pallet stability test lab is designed to test pallets in emergency stop conditions, with the option to stop at various G forces.

Why is pallet stability so important?
It is estimated up to 11% of all palletised goods can arrive at their destination with some form of damage. Pallet stability has a huge impact on this statistic. 

Through decades of experience in wrapping pallets, we have learned the huge importance of pallet stability and the hidden costs unstable pallets can cause to both businesses and the supply chain.

Is pallet stability testing worth it?
Yes! Pallet stability has a huge impact on damaged goods in transit. Solving pallet stability brings huge benefits – not only will it eliminate damaged goods, rejected loads and the health and safety issues associated with unstable pallets, but by looking at the root causes – through testing – can also help you save plastic, CO2 and costs too. 

We offer a free packaging audit, where one of our team comes to your site(s) and looks over your packaging operations. Leaving no stone unturned, machinery, processes and products are looked at, with any improvements found discussed. If you think pallet stability is causing you problems, then why not book a free audit today? 

Will pallet stability testing save me money? How much?
That entirely depends on the pallet stability issues and the costs – both tangible and intangible – that pallet stability is causing. Costs can be hidden in using too much pallet wrap, damaged and rejected goods, repacking; so it’s impossible to put a figure on how much money can be saved. Speak to us today if you think you have any pallet stability concerns, and we can help answer this question for your specific operations.  

Where can I have pallet stability testing?
Our unique, and UK first mobile pallet stability test lab means we can test pallets anywhere. The test lab brings the test facilities to you, so you can test your pallets there and then. Previous pallet testing meant sending one pallet away at great expense, whereas our unique facility has revolutionised testing. We test on your site, and can test, see real time improvements, make changes and retest multiple pallets in a day. 

Can I solve pallet stability issues with pallet wrap and more packaging?
When it comes to pallet wrap, less is more. One of the most common mistakes we see if the misconception that using more wrap will help. In fact, less film that is the right film for the job, the right gauge and run through the correct machine settings, will help with pallet stability and efficiently wrapped pallets.  

Solving pallet stability can be a multi-facetted issue. However, one critical factor in ensuring stable pallets is using the right pallet wrap. If you aren’t sure whether you are using the right stretch film, if you are having issues with unstable pallets, then please get in touch today.  

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