Our recyclable pallet wrap – 7 benefits

Did you know that about 8 million tonnes of the world’s plastics end up in our oceans yearly? It’s a sobering fact, but one that could be helped with recycling – with many types of plastics being recyclable.

Recycling is great, but we cannot recycle our way out of plastic pollution. At Lindum, not only are our pallet wrap products recyclable, we have developed a range of products that are not only recyclable but made of 30% recycled content too. This month we will take a closer look at recyclable pallet wrap, how to reduce plastic and also ways in which recycling technology can be stimulated by using different pallet wrap products. But first, the basics, how do you recycle pallet wrap properly?

Pallet wrap recycling: how to recycle it?

The most crucial aspect of pallet wrap recycling is that it should always be disposed of with plastic bags. If you recycle pallet wrap with hard plastics, the film can easily get stuck in the recycling equipment. However recycling plastic pallet wrap has never been easier. 

The difference between recyclable and biodegradable

With regards to pallet wrap, there are also biodegradable options too on the market. Recyclable products can be broken down and be used again often as raw material when manufacturing new products. Biodegradable products can be broken down naturally without causing any harm to the environment. However, it can take years before the materials start to biodegrade. 

The benefits of our recyclable pallet wrap & recycled content pallet wrap

Pallet wrap plays a critical part in protecting goods during transit and stabilising pallets to decrease the amount of damaged and rejected goods. It’s therefore a critical product in the supply chain. Therefore a huge benefit is that it is a recyclable product, and shouldn’t end up in landfill. Furthermore, switching to a pallet wrap with 30% recycled content is still recyclable, but also includes less virgin plastic – helping the move to a more circular economy.

When there were murmurs of a new plastic tax in the UK, we started looking at solutions to create plastic tax compliant products without compromising on quality, or green credentials. 

If you haven’t made the switch to products with recycled content, then there are still options to minimise the amount of plastic you use. You can switch to a better quality stretch film for your operations or optimise your current products and processes, for example. Although you are still using plastic, you are using as minimal amount as possible, and therefore recycling the smallest amount possible too. 

To take on the challenge of decreasing the virgin plastic in our products we have developed a Carestretch Nano Recycled Content Machine Pallet Wrap. Using the latest nano technology, our nano stretch film offers unrivalled performance and puncture resistance at the same time as it is recyclable, and Plastic Packaging Tax compliant too – made with the required 30% recycled content.

Seven benefits of our Carestretch Nano Recycled Content Pallet Wrap 

  1. recyclable to 100% 
  2. stretches up to 200%
  3. contains 30% recycled content material
  4. reduces your use of plastic
  5. reduces your carbon footprint
  6. helps you reach your corporate sustainability goals
  7. saves you money since you avoid the tax and use less pallet wrap.

In our range of tax compliant products, we offer machine nano stretch film, an extended core pallet wrap, and hand and machine packaging tape, as well as polythene pallet covers. We can also look at developing bespoke plastic packaging products to suit your requirements too – such as heat shrink film. 

Do you have any questions about pallet wrap recycling or want to try our tax compliant recyclable pallet wrap to see if it meets your needs? Speak to us today! 

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