Our Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab is now ISO accredited!

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We, at Lindum Packaging, are proud to announce that we have achieved a remarkable milestone in the packaging industry. We are now the world’s first packaging company to be accredited with ISO17025 certification for our innovative Mobile Pallet Stability Testing Lab. Our journey towards this accomplishment began in early 2022 as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure accuracy, repeatability, and impartiality in addressing pallet stability challenges within the logistics sector.

Our Mobile Pallet Stability Testing Lab, which recently celebrated its 1000th test, stands as the UK’s pioneer in mobile pallet stability testing units. Its primary purpose is to diagnose and eliminate movement in transport (MIT) issues that can lead to damage to palletised goods during transit. What sets us apart is that our facility is the only ISO17025-accredited mobile EUMOS deceleration lab globally. This self-contained lab is transported to our clients’ premises, where we meticulously replicate their packaging processes. By utilising an onboard acceleration-deceleration bench, we simulate the forces that pallets endure during emergency braking situations. Through this simulation, we promptly gather data on deflection and movement, enabling us to evaluate pallet stability performance according to the EUMOS standard. Since its launch, our lab has played a pivotal role in helping a global beverage manufacturer reduce MIT occurrences by an impressive 80%.

Our journey to ISO certification required rigorous calibration and examination of our lab’s capabilities to ensure it delivers accurate and consistent data. The final assessment was successfully completed in May, and we are thrilled to have officially received our ISO certification in July 2023.

From our standpoint, as Rick Sellars, Sales Manager at Lindum Packaging, stated, “We are thrilled to have the world’s first ISO1725 certified mobile testing lab. We have invested more than £100K to ensure our mobile test lab provides accurate data from its real-life simulations to identify areas for improvement, reduce plastic waste, and mitigate the risk of movement in transport.”

Throughout this journey, we have consistently invested in enhancing our lab’s equipment to ensure fairness and accuracy in each test. This includes the addition of calibration and temperature equipment, as well as a levelling tool to ensure every test takes place on even ground. We have also incorporated marked lines on the sleigh to facilitate precise pallet placement.

At Lindum Packaging, our dedication to excellence doesn’t stop at ISO17025. We proudly hold ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, along with BRCGS certification in storage & distribution. Additionally, we achieved an Ecovardis accreditation earlier this year, a testament to the quality of our sustainability management practices.

As a leading authority on pallet stability in the UK, we deeply understand the complexities companies face when transporting goods. Our unwavering commitment and efforts to alleviate movement in transport issues have positioned us as a driving force in creating positive industry changes.