Lindum Packaging joins EUMOS for safer pallet transportation

We’re delighted to announce that Lindum Packaging has joined EUMOS, The European Safe Logistics Association. If you are active in the transport and logistics industry, you have probably heard of EUMOS and their mission to reduce fatalities by creating the highest standards of cargo safety.

Committed to cargo security

As a member, we join a community of experts committed to improving safety throughout the logistics chain through an exchange of best practice, expert knowledge and setting higher standards for cargo security.

At the core of cargo security is pallet stability; a topic we are deeply passionate about here at Lindum. Pallet stability isn’t just an arbitrary opinion. It’s a set of measures designed to secure all types of pallet loads on a vehicle with the aim of eliminating any movement during transport, including during onsite packing and unpacking at the delivery destination.

Working with EUMOS enables us to work to a set standard for the transportation of palletised goods without any damage and without causing damage to other assets or the environment.

The EUMOS standard

EUMOS is the pallet stability standard. Pallet loads have to be kept in place and upright without deformation, sliding or tilting when exposed to forces to during transport such as vehicle acceleration.

“Through our commitment to pallet stability and reducing movement in transport issues we have developed pallet stability testing protocols simulating transit conditions in accordance with the EUMOS standard.

We estimate that there are 82.5 million pallets damaged in transit every year and we are already saving our customers millions of pounds by reducing the amount of goods wasted through transit damage.”  – Rick

As a member of EUMOS, we not only commit to this standard for our pallet stability products, services and testing but also join fellow members in calling for higher safety standards in the logistics industry and collaboratively sharing our packaging expertise to achieve the shared vision of saving lives in the logistics chain by improving logistics safety.

According to EUMOS, one person is injured or killed every hour in the EU / UK due to insecure cargo, which is why Lindum have joined the mission to reduce and eventually eliminate these fatalities.

If you have any questions about pallet stability, EUMOS safety standards or want to test your current pallet packaging for movement in transport without disrupting your production or packaging operations, please get in touch. Use the contact form below or call one of our packaging experts on +44(0)1469 574480.

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