How to wrap and pack your pallets efficiently with Lindum’s pallet wrapping solutions

Do you know how to wrap and pack your pallets efficiently? As pallet wrapping experts, we speak to businesses daily that are having problems with their stretch film and pallet wrapping operations. With over 22 years of experience and industry know how, we have tips and pallet wrapping solutions to ensure you can wrap and pack your pallets effectively, sending them into the supply chain stable and secure.

1. Products
So many businesses aren’t using the right stretch film for their operations. There are a wide range of stretch film options, and one of the most common issues we see is the use of ineffective or incorrect films for the circumstances. With different thicknesses of film, different types of film – such as nano and pre-stretched, and different lengths of film, are you confident you are using the most effective methods to wrap and pack the pallets in your operations?

2. Optimise
Other than stretch film, another common problem is the wrap used and the machine used to wrap and pack your pallets don’t work effectively together – and optimising products and processes together makes a huge difference to your pallet wrapping operations. Sometime by making some simple adjustments to processes, you will have better wrapped pallets that can result in less plastic waste and reduced costs too by ultimately using less stretch film.

3. Testing
Damaged goods in transit is a huge problem, especially for food and beverage companies. If pallets aren’t wrapped correctly, they will undoubtedly cause problems when in the supply chain. Our unique mobile test lab is a great way to assess how secure your pallets are and get real time feedback on where improvements can be made. Our pallet wrap specialists can show you how to wrap and pack your pallets more efficiently with the help of the test lab.

4. Book an audit
Lindum has a wealth of knowledge and pallet wrapping solutions to help your packaging operations. A simple way to improve the efficiency of your pallet wrapping is to book a free transit packaging audit with our team. Our stretch film and pallet wrapping specialists will look at your entire packaging operations and see where any problems are occurring and make recommendations for improvements that will help you reduce your costs, improve the quality of your packaging performance and reduce plastic waste.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today and speak to one of our expert team.

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