How to strap a pallet

There are several ways to strap a pallet, and straps can be applied by either hand or machine. In this article, we’ll provide you with some how to strap a pallet instructions, giving you the know-how of how to strap a pallet and how to use a pallet strapper to help your organisation become more efficient.  

Why you should strap your pallet 

The process of unitizing inventory together using plastic straps is called pallet strapping, banding or bundling. Pallet strapping is an extra element to ensure that your pallet is completely stable before you wrap the pallet using stretch film or shrink wrap. But why should you use pallet straps and how to use pallet strapping effectively?

Three reasons to strap a pallet:

  1. Protect your goods during shipping or storage. Pallet strapping prevents your items from shifting which can otherwise damage the goods during transit. 
  2. Protect your reputation. If your customers know you take all the measures to ensure that your goods reach their destination in pristine condition they’ll continue doing business with you.
  3. Saves lives. Every hour at least one person dies from accidents with unstable goods in Europe and the UK. The usage of pallet strapping minimises the risk of workplace injuries, casualties and increases safety through the supply chain. 

How to strap a pallet by hand

You can strap a pallet manually or by using a machine. We will teach you how to strap a pallet by hand in a few simple steps. 

How to strap a pallet  manually:

  1. Ensure the box is centred on the pallet
  2. Apply straps under the front and back runners of the pallet 
  3. Apply straps under the third board from left to right
  4. Use a tensioner to tighten straps. 

Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side. 

And now you know how to strap a pallet manually! If you regularly have to strap a large amount of pallets, we’d suggest you opt for using a pallet strapper machine.

How to use a pallet strapper

If you strap multiple pallets a day it might be worth investing in a pallet strapper to save you time and effort. A pallet strapper is an automatic or semi-automatic machine used to secure boxes and other items to pallets. The pallet strapper works by weaving a continuous band through the slots of the pallet. 

A pallet strapper can be operated by a single person and can be used both horizontally and vertically. The automatic pallet strapper is the best choice if your requirements are the same each day since you can program it to do the work for you. The semi-automatic machine is the ideal option if you handle goods of different sizes as it gives you complete control over the whole process. 

A wide range of pallet strapping and other packaging products

If you have further questions about how to strap a pallet or want to buy hand or machine strapping, contact us. We have a wide range of strappings and strapping seals. Also in our expert packaging product range, you will also find pallet wrap and other accessories making the packaging process easier and safer.  

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