How much does a pallet wrapping machine cost?

Pallet wrapping machine prices vary depending on your packaging requirements.

We offer a range of pallet wrapping machines from entry level pallet wrappers for switching from manual wrapping to machine wrap with low volumes, to fully automatic inline machine systems if you are scaling your packaging operations.

Prices start from £4,000 for a semi-automatic machine wrapping up to 25 pallets per day. Fully automatic machines handling 200 or more pallets per day start at £18,000.

What affects pallet wrapping machine prices?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price you will pay for a pallet wrapping machine, here are some of the most common ones.
• The number of pallets you are wrapping per day
• The size of pallets and consistency of size you are wrapping
• The maximum pallet weight
• If the machine is semi of fully automatic
• The type of machine e.g. rotary arm/turntable/inline
• Manual or electromagnetic core break
• Fixed location or mobile solution
• Number of program options
• Panel push button or touchscreen controls

Additional costs for pallet wrapping machines

Many pallet wrapping machines also come with optional extras to improve packaging efficiencies or meet your specific requirements. You might want to factor in additional costs for the following features:
• Pre stretch gears
• Dual motor pre stretch
• Black stretch film photocell
• Extra turntable width
• Extra wrapping height
• Weighing scales
• Top sheet dispenser
• Roping mechanism
• Stainless steel frame
• Wash down proof
• Flush mount floor plate
• Safety fencing and controls
• In/outfeed conveyor
• Access ramp

Other costs to take into consideration when investing in a pallet wrapping machine include the installation and set up costs, and any ongoing service and maintenance costs.

Cost reduction benefits of pallet wrapping machines

It’s important to remember that a pallet wrapping machine is an investment and can be more cost-effective than manual wrapping with these additional benefits:
• Reduce stretch wrap film costs
• Reduce plastic usage
• Reduce plastic packaging waste
• Reduce manual labour costs
• Improve pallet wrapping efficiency
• Improve pallet packaging reliability and effectiveness
• Improve pallet stability

One of the benefits of having the right combination of stretch wrap film and pallet wrapping machinery is the improvement in pallet stability to reduce movement in transport and damage to goods in transit.

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