How can you reduce your packaging costs when hand wrapping pallets?

Reducing packaging costs when hand wrapping pallets involves optimising the wrapping process, using cost-effective materials, and minimising waste. Here are some tips to help you achieve cost savings:


Optimise Wrapping Techniques

Training your operators in efficient hand wrapping techniques helps ensure a consistent and effective process. Train your employees to use the appropriate amount of pallet wrap to secure the load without overwrapping, avoiding overwrapping.


Select The Right Thickness Pallet Wrap

Hand pallet wrap is available in many different thicknesses (measured in microns). Thicker pallet wrap provides more strength and puncture resistance but may not be necessary for lighter, uniform loads.

Evaluate the pallets you are wrapping; if they are light and have no awkward protrusions or sharp edges, you could improve cost efficiency by reducing the thickness of your pallet wrap.


Use Pre-Stretched Pallet Wrap

Pre-stretched pallet wrap is pallet wrap which has had the stretch taken out of it during the manufacturing process. It is made from a regular non-pre-stretched film which is then stretched and converted into pre-stretched hand pallet wrap. For example, a 17-micron standard film can be stretched down to a 6-micron pre-stretched hand pallet wrap.

The benefit of this is that is dramatically reduces the weight of film applied to each pallet, therefore reducing cost per pallet. To achieve the same efficiency using a non-pre-stretched pallet wrap, the operator must take all the additional stretch potential out of the film when applying it. In practice this never happens because it takes a lot of time and effort leaving the pallet wrapped with a 17-micron film rather than the thinner 6 -micron wrap.


Use Recycled Content Pallet Wrap

The Plastic Packaging Tax was introduced in the UK during 2022. This imposes a tax of £200 per tonne of plastic packaging used that is less than 30% recycled content. Using a hand pallet wrap with 30% or more recycled content will avoid this tax and reduce your costs.


Use A Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser

Hand pallet wrap dispensers allow for a more evenly and consistently wrapped pallet. One of the key issues with controlling the cost of hand wrapping pallets is that the quality of wrapping varies massively between operators. A hand pallet wrap dispenser can offer you some consistency and improve your pallet wrapping efficiency.


In conclusion, optimising hand pallet wrapping techniques involves a combination of efficient processes and appropriate materials. By implementing these tips, you can achieve significant cost savings while ensuring the secure transportation and storage of your goods. Remember, small adjustments in packaging practices can lead to substantial long-term benefits for your bottom line.