Busting myths about recycled content pallet wrap.

You can tell whether a film has recycled content by whether it has a grey tint.

This is incorrect. In fact, if your recycled content film has a grey tint, it is most likely a poor quality one. This is because the clearer the film the better the filtration process and therefore the higher the quality. Whilst recycled content films may have gels (little specks caused by the impurity of recycled material) they should still be perfectly clear in colour.

Recycled content films cannot be high performance.

Adding recycled materials reduces the quality of the resins which causes imperfections in the film. Whilst this means that (in comparison to 100% virgin pallet wraps) recycled content films have limited performance, they can still be high performance in their own right. For example, our nano 30% recycled content stretch films can stretch up to 300%. With the right recycled content film and the right optimisation, you can still reduce cost per pallet and ensure pallet stability.