Why should you switch from hand wrapping to machine wrapping your pallets?

Consistency is the biggest factor when considering reasons why you should invest in a pallet wrapping machine and stop hand wrapping your pallets.

When wrapping your pallets by hand, an operator is unable to wrap each load the same way over and over. This means there is no repeatability which limits your ability to control quality and load stability. On the other hand, a machine offers consistent wrapping (providing the settings remain unchanged) which has a number of benefits which we will discuss in this blog.

Professionally Packed

A wrapping machine produces a professionally wrapped load with very little variation between pallets. Hand wrapping can leave pallets looking rather erratic and uneven. This can damage brand reputation.

Employee Safety

It is well known that hand wrapping has health and safety concerns. It puts strain on the operators back and neck which leads to long term health problems. Wrapping your pallets with a machine removes this risk and improves the wellbeing of the operator.

Pallet Stability

Machine wrapping your pallets correctly will ensure pallet stability. Due to the lack of consistency with hand wrapping there is no guarantee that your pallets will be secure enough to hold up during transit. By transporting unstable pallets, you are risking movement in transport which causes product damage and increased costs.

Plastic Usage

When hand wrapping, the weight of the film applied to each pallet will vary as each pallet is wrapped differently and there is nothing to stop well meaning operators from applying extra revolutions of film beyond what is necessary. When set up correctly, a machine will consistently apply the least amount of film required to sufficiently stabilise the load. This improves efficiency and can help you make plastic and cost reductions.


Pallet wrapping machines, especially fully automatic machines, take less time to wrap a pallet to the required standard. This will speed up you production and improve efficiency.

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