Why switch to recycled content machine stretch film?

Why switch to recycled content machine stretch film?

With the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax earlier this year we have seen an influx in enquiries and orders from businesses about making the switch to recycled content packaging and also to recycled content stretch film. With the requirement for plastic packaging to be made with a minimum of 30% recycled content to avoid liability for the tax, the demand for recycled content packaging and in particular recycled content wrap has been high.

We have had discussions with businesses across the country, who all have a different stance on recycled content stretch film – some sticking with what they have, others optimising to reduce the amount of plastic they use, therefore minimising their tax liability, and others switching across to recycled content products.

Making the move to 30% recycled content stretch film

Lindum has worked with clients and other businesses to assist with making the switch over to recycled content pallet wrap. But why make the switch? Here we explain some of the reasons why businesses are making the shift to this eco-friendly stretch film.

Environmental impact
Using less virgin plastic in the production of stretch film also means less fossil fuel is being used in manufacture. Replaced by recycled content material, there is a clear shift towards the use of recycled content material instead of virgin plastic. This not only has an impact on the amount of plastic used overall, but will also equate to a CO2 reduction and ultimately, reduced plastic waste overall.

Plastic reduction
Lindum estimates that in the UK alone 150,000 tonnes of stretch wrap is used a year. By eliminating at least 30% virgin plastic material from that amount, there is a clear reduction in the amount of plastic that is being used. Furthermore, with recycled wrap becoming ever more popular, recycled content will become more widespread and less virgin plastic will be created and used ongoing.

Not liable to pay the Plastic Packaging Tax
It may sound obvious, but the main reason for many to make the switch to recycled content pallet wrap is to avoid paying the tax. The tax is set at £200 per metric tonne of plastic packaging that does not contain a minimum of 30% recycled content. Making the switch over to recycled content stretch film instantly removes your liability for tax.

As well as the sustainability benefits of switching to recycled content films, switching to Lindum’s recycled content film means you get the same high performance as any of our standard films. Reducing the amount of virgin material does not reduce the quality or performance.

We can talk you through all aspects of making the switch over to recycled content pallet wrap – whether you are looking at our nano machine recycled content stretch film or our hand application recycled content pallet wrap. Speak to our team today to find out all you need to know.