July Market Update: Driver Shortages - Lindum Packaging
July Market Update: Driver Shortages

July Market Update: Driver Shortages

The UK is currently experiencing critical food supply chain problems due to a shortage of lorry drivers. It is estimated that currently, there is a loss of 100,000 lorry drivers as a result of various factors that are at play, with the combined effects of the pandemic and the after-effects of Brexit being the key drivers of the issue.

There are multiple factors that have led to the current situation, but the pandemic and Brexit being driving forces in them. Two key factors include furlough and a reduction in non-UK national drivers. The UK furlough arrangements are still in effect in some format until September. Since it was introduced in March last year, workers’ situations will have inevitably changed. People may have sought new employment, or even retired. Many European workers are also believed to have gone home during the pandemic, with many not returning or securing their settlement status.

The unprecedented issue is currently being addressed by government, with the potential issue of food shortages for both retailers and consumers.

To read more about driver shortages, and the impact they are and may continue to have, find out more here and here.

Despite this challenge, Lindum have continued to maintain our ‘On time and in full’ delivery KPI at 99%  – thanks to the flexibility of our haulage partners and dedicated operations team.