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Saving money isn’t only about paying less

Every business needs to keep an eye on costs, but saving money isn’t just about buying the cheapest products on the market.

Financial impacts can be hidden in production downtime, spoiled loads or damages due to poor quality packaging and, from April 2022, packaging waste tax.

Let us use our packaging expertise and insider information to help you refine your packaging processes and products so that you make real world cost savings.

Working with businesses across all FMCG sectors, we’ve proved that correct packaging, optimising machinery settings, and leaner processes can also generate savings.

Using our packaging audit we’ll assess the products and machinery you use along with your processes to identify ways to be more efficient and save you money. Just like we did for Faccenda Foods, which reduced their packaging costs by 23% and saved 53 tonnes of packaging waste in the year after following our advice.

Cost savings through more efficient use of packaging

Better doesn’t have to mean more expensive – at least, not when you need to use less of a higher-quality product.

We’ll recommend the right pallet wrap, tape and other packaging to ensure you can make cost savings for your bottom line, calculating exactly the right products for the job and for your business.

There are other smart ways to make savings too. Havelock Foods improved their cashflow due to the just-in-time packaging ordering system we recommended they implement.

Our experts will be able to assess the way pallets are stacked, wrapped, and

And we can prove it. If you’d like to speak to us or to arrange a packaging survey, please drop us a line here.