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The Lindum ‘Lean Integrated Packaging Survey’ – A proven process

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Our free transit packaging consultancy creates operational profitability

People say there’s no such thing as a free lunch – well we’d disagree.

OK, we’re not buying you lunch, but what about a free survey of your transit packaging usage and systems to identify those operational savings?

GET IN TOUCH to find out more about how we might undertake a free, no obligation LIPS survey for you and identify where you can find increased operational profitability.  We keep tabs on the savings we’ve delivered for our customers. Our AVERAGE percentage improvements are:

It starts with a LIPS

Our Lean Integrated Packaging Survey will identify obsolete or outdated practices, assess how the latest industry developments can help you reduce costs and, where applicable, we will help you to bring in new technologies to save you time and expense.

Our highly trained consultants will perform an on-site review of all your packaging processes, materials and equipment. An external view is often what you need to uncover where you could do better.

We’re brave and pragmatic and what worked well 10 years ago may have been superseded by new methods. Not every innovation may be right for your particular business but we will advise, based on what is appropriate and best for you in the short, medium and longer terms.

Working hand in hand with you, the LIPS process identifies possible improvements in reducing downtime, improving the financial and environmental impact of your packaging process, and reducing wastage of packaging materials without compromising the condition of your product when it reaches your customer.

The savings we identify aren’t smoke and mirrors or empty promises. We’ll work with you on implementing a trial of our products and show you how to realise the savings and downtime reductions we identified. And when we’ve undertaken a trial and proved our case we’ll keep our eye on the packaging market to continually bring you new innovations from which we can both benefit.

23% annual reduction in packaging cost and 52,000 KG less packaging waste for Faccenda Foods

Faccenda Foods invited Lindum to audit and assess the packaging operations at each site in order to i
dentify potential to reduce costs and packaging waste, streamline supply of transit packaging lines across all sites & implement more efficient packaging processes.

Across all sites costs and waste were reduced by using higher yield machine Carestretch™ and Carewrap™ films and optimising the machine settings. In some cases, replacement palletwrap machinery was provided to reduce costs and waste even further…

Lindum’s View

We take a refreshing and sophisticated approach to proving how our innovative transit packaging products will significantly improve your business profitability. Our role is to take the strain – and our high quality transit packaging products will do exactly the same!


It may sound bizarre but our promise is to offer you less and less:

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