Why choose nano stretch film?

Why choose nano stretch film?

Since the inception of the Plastic Packaging Tax in April 2022, many firms have been looking for ways to reduce their liabilities and the amount of plastic packaging that they use. While the solutions for primary and secondary packaging have taken priority, tertiary or transit packaging have perhaps not always been on the radar.

Luckily, our strong and stretchy nano films can reduce the amount of plastic needed to secure a pallet without compromising on load stability.

Nano stretch film is a highly elastic plastic-based material used to wrap and secure items on to pallets. The new technology used to manufacture nano stretch films gives increased strength and puncture resistance with greater stretch capabilities. Multiple microscopically thin layers are combined in a lattice pattern to make a super strong and stretchy film that’s available in a range of gauges.

Why choose a nano stretch film?

With nano films, you can do more with less. Our Carestretch™ nano films offer unrivalled performance and puncture resistance for machine wrapped pallets. The high-quality clear films can be stretched up to 400%, meaning less pallet wrap is needed per pallet. The elastic recovery keeps goods tightly bound without needing several layers of wrap. As hold is maintained with less film being used, rolls last longer, and need to be replaced far less. Not only does this equate to cost savings, but our customers can achieve a substantial reduction in plastic usage and CO2 savings, too.

Thinner but stronger film

While nano films use less plastic than traditional stretch wrap, they offer the same protection for pallets. Thanks to the multiple layer composition, if nano wrap is somehow punctured, it will not tear further, making it a great choice for irregular or sharp-edged loads.

More efficient pallet wrap

Fewer layers mean a faster finish. Using Carestretch™ nano films can cut pallet wrapping times as machines (or people) do not have to go through as many revolutions before a load is secured. Fewer roll changes also mean there is less down time, increasing efficiency across the board.

The uniform thickness in every direction of the film prevents failure and means that pallets are secured with ease. Combined with a correctly calibrated machine, Carestretch™ gives unbeatable performance.

The right gauge for your loads

Our Carestretch™ nano film is available in 12, 15 and 17 micron gauges, making it suitable for medium to heavy weight pallets. Its superb elasticity and toughness mean that it performs brilliantly on loads with irregularities and some sharp corners. The lowest weight option possible should always be specified to ensure optimal load coverage and the best value for money.

Further plastic reduction

Carestretch™ Nano Recycled Content machine pallet wrap incorporates the latest nano technology combined with 30% recycled plastic to deliver even further plastic reduction and CO2 savings.

This newly developed film boasts the same great performance as that of our existing stretch film products but with the added green benefit of using 30% recycled content.

Aside from the sustainability benefits of using 30% recycled stretch wrap, choosing Carestretch™ Nano Recycled Content machine pallet wrap means that businesses are not liable to pay the £200 per tonne tax on plastic packaging that has recently come into force.

In a nutshell, the benefits of nano stretch wrap include:

  • Increased sustainability as less wrap is used. Choosing our 30% recycled content nano film delivers even greater CO2 savings, and eliminates Plastic Packaging tax liabilities
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Greater efficiency

If you need any further information about our Carestretch™ range of films, or have any questions about switching to a nano stretch film to reduce your plastic usage and Plastic Packaging Tax liabilities, please contact our team today, who will happily assist.