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Reduce plastic packaging waste to improve efficiency and profits

Manufacturing businesses know it’s important to reduce plastic and CO2, but without in-house expertise it can be hard to know where to start.

Reducing plastic is a hot topic due to the need for more focus on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction, and the UK plastic packaging tax which comes into effect in April 2022.

We can reduce your plastic packaging waste by:

We helped Mackle Pet Foods use 51% less plastic packaging and 54% less cardboard by making some clever changes to the way they palletised their products. Read more about how we helped them here.

Reducing plastic in FMCG packaging

The Government estimates that 5 million tonnes of plastic is used in the UK every year, nearly half of which is packaging.

With a focus on reducing the plastic used and generated by businesses through mechanisms such as the Packaging Producer Responsibility system and a proposed plastic packaging tax, it’s not only important that manufacturing businesses reduce plastic use for the benefit of the environment, but for the benefit of their profitability.

Our industry expertise means you will be confident you’re using innovative products to ensure optimum packaging performance, while minimising the amount of plastic used.

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