How can we help you?

Working within the FMCG sector as a B2B packaging supplier, we help companies like yours on a day-to-day basis improve their packaging operations. Our innovative approach to packaging consultancy means we can help solve your problems, ensuring improvements, sustainability objectives and cost savings are achieved.

From a Packaging Audit to assess where you are with your transit packaging operations, to testing your wrapped pallets with our mobile test lab to analyse performance and possible improvements, our approach is tailored to your business operations. Whether you have a clear business objective in mind, such as cost saving, plastic and CO2 reduction or improving pallet stability issues, we can help you.

So, how can we help you?

Improve pallet stability

You might not think that improving pallet stability is a key concern for your business, but unstable pallets can actually...

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Recycled Plastic Packaging

Plastic reduction, especially in transit packaging, is a hot topic for many businesses. Packaging is an area where a surprising...

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Plastic reduction

To meet their sustainability goals, FMCG and manufacturing businesses know just how important it is to reduce their plastic packaging...

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Cost saving

Every business needs to keep an eye on costs, but saving money isn’t just about buying the cheapest products on...

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Packaging Audit

When you know you need to reduce the amount of packaging your business uses but aren’t sure how to achieve...

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Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab

Throughout our 30+ years of experience in the B2B packaging sector, there has been no recognised and consistent testing method...

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Carbon Offset

When it comes to sustainability, we’ve all got our part to play – which is why here at Lindum Packaging,...

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