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Coloured hand pallet wrap film

Further to our post on How Cast and Blown Pallet Wrap Film is Manufactured, this post covers the differences in characteristics and application between Cast and Blown Pallet Wrap Film.


Blown Pallet Wrap

Blown Pallet Wrap Film is strong and ideally suited for cold room applications.

Conventional Blown Pallet Wrap characteristics are:

  • Hazy and dull in appearance
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Very noisy unwind
  • High level of cling and cling on both sides which means wrapped pallets may stick to each other.
  • Requires more force to stretch and re-stretching film is difficult
  • After stretching, is more likely to shrink back close to original size, giving a high retention force on load


Cast Pallet Wrap

Conventional characteristics of Cast Pallet wrap are:

  • Good transparency
  • Clear and glossy film
  • Superior tear resistance
  • Quiet unwind
  • Consistent cling and film thickness
  • It is also easier to stretch and re-stretching is possible after applied, but product can shift more easily during transit
  • The one-sided cling is great in situations where you don’t want one pallet to stick to the one next to it.


Not sure what type of pallet wrap film is most effective for your application?  Contact us today and speak to one of our Packaging Consultants!

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